Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Week of WODs

My whole post got erased {{huge sigh}} before I got a chance to post it so this is going to be a very picture-heavy recap!  

But the good news is there are FOUR brand new workouts included in this post!!!!! CHECK 'EM OUT!!


My girlfriend and I went walking at the park with the little ones in their strollers.  Nothing too exciting but 2 miles is better than nothing....#wycwyc!


I went to a very early morning Orange Theory class!  Everyone was still sleeping in my house when I left - JEALOUS!!  
We did some running (2.25 miles), some rowing (1400+ meters) and some intense strength in the weight room.

We did this one combination move over and over and over again....10 knee highs + a drop down (which is basically the bottom half of a competition burpee)...exhausting!!!


A new routine - Jump Rope Jamboree!


Melissa Bender Dumbbell Interval Sculpt.  I used 15 lb dumbbells and I felt strong lifting the heavy weights!! Love a good strength routine :)

I added in a great new BONUS plank workout!!  In my opinion this is a quick, effective, short (less than 5 minutes!!) routine that you can add to the end of your workout - multiple times a week!  It's so important to remember to WORK YOUR CORE!!!!


Another new workout - focused on cardio - featuring my new fav, the jump rope!!  Looks simple but try it and tell me what you think after Round 3!


I took the boys for a 2 mile walk in the double stroller...."Heavy" duty workout (70+ lbs of kids plus the stroller!)

Then I came up with this AWESOME leg routine - guaranteed to leave your quads burning!!  It was really challenging but great!


I did a new Bender workout, 15 Minute HIIT: No Treadmill Necessary, and LOVED it!!!  I was sweating!

A little while later (since my legs/quads/complete lower half were toast!) I did the 5 Minute Arm Workout, an oldie but goodie, and it was the perfect way to top off the day!!

I am sharing this post for Motivation Monday - check it out!

So, what have you been doing to stay active during the holidays?
Do any of my new workouts tickle your fancy?? :)