Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bullet Point Tuesday :)

I have some major catching up to do on all of your lovely blogs so this post will be quick but informative!
  • Sunday night we went to our friends' house for a BBQ.  So delicious and fun!  Our kids are the same age (she has 2 girls / I have 2 boys!) and they really love playing together.  It's very sweet!
    • I made this for dessert and IT.WAS.A.HIT!!!  I know I should be trying to make things from scratch but this was so easy and I made it a couple of months ago so I knew it was super delicious!!
(This was just before I put it in the oven - after about 50 minutes it was a perfectly cooked, brownie/cookie cake of awesomeness!)
  • I didn't work out yesterday.  I wanted to, but it had to happen during nap time and I was just not feeling it!  A rest day it was!
  • This morning I ran 2 miles pushing the little guy in the jogging stroller - exhausting!  But I did pretty good!
  • Now I'm craving the berry smoothie from this weekend - and I'm thinking about doing my plank workout before I shower!  I'll repost them just in case you missed them!

Hope you guys are having a great Tuesday!!!
I'm off to plank, drink (my shake), shower and catch up with you all!!