Saturday, December 7, 2013

Friday recap & I make the best scrambled eggs!

Welcome to the Weekend!!!  {{Apparently I'm the self-appointed cruise director here ;)}}

I am off to get a VERY much needed manicure and pedicure!  I haven't seen my nails and toes look so awful in, well, ever, I think!  I'm stoked! And I'll be using a gift card that my Grandma got me for Hanukkah - double stoked!!

These nails look SO pretty but I never do you guys do red?
Yesterday I woke up ready to run!!  My legs were a little heavy from Thursday night's Pyramid Workout (<--did you guys like this one? anyone planning to try it?) - but I was jonesing for some my day started off with a great 2 mile run at a fast (for me!) pace - 17:59!

I ran some errands and went to the park with my little one in the morning, then the entire afternoon I had NO internet - holy frustration!  I knew that I just needed to reset to the modem and router, but I couldn't get to them while the little guy was napping so I spent most of the afternoon disconnected, which was nice (except for the fact that I didn't get to catch up on most of your blogs - sorry & boo!)

Then after dinner last night (another amazing taco salad - this time I added my homemade guacamole, which I make now with no onions!!) we went to see a Christmas lights display that we go to every year!  My sons were in awe - best $15 I"ve spent in a long time :)


Before I go I just want to share this super simple, but DELICIOUS recipe for scrambled eggs!  I know, scrambled eggs are pretty self-explanatory....but these little additions will make them super duper awesome.  {I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I learned this from my mom - she's a scrambled eggs expert! }

We do breakfast for dinner often in our house and my scrambled eggs are always a favorite for my kids :)  I make this recipe as is for my kids and they split it.  I make it "hearty" for them, so I use butter in the pan (you could use Pam spray), I use whole milk (you could use reduced fat or fat free) and I use full-fat cheese (you could use reduced fat).  

This is very versatile so you can totally double, triple, quadruple this recipe if necessary!  Also, add in your favorite protein source, meat and/or veggies to "beef" it up even more!!  And season to taste with salt and pepper, and/or any other seasonings you'd like!  

Do you make scrambled eggs often?
What do you think about 'breakfast for dinner'?