Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hi. My name is Sammy and I...{am crafty!} #TTT

Well, I'm sort of crafty!  But I'll get to that in a minute! :)

Hope everyone is having a good "back to reality" week!  It's hard coming off of a holiday, but like I said, there is a lot of holiday fun-ness to look forward to in just a few short weeks :)

WOD - December 4
I had a really great - and random - workout yesterday!  My glutes were seriously sore from Tuesday's workout so I knew that I wanted to work upper body.  I very rarely do strictly strength training these days but today I really felt like working my arms so I did a HASfit workout, 10 Minute Arm Workout at Home, with 7 lb dumbbells.  And it was great!

My arms were dead after only 10 minutes - awesome!!

I haven't done a HASfit workout in a couple of months, but doing one made me remember why I love them so much....they're fast paced, short, intense and I really like Coach Kozak's motivation!  Head over and check him out...if you haven't already!

Then I did the 6 minute Bender jump rope workout - jumping rope is hard!  It's hard on your legs and calves and's exhausting!  But I loved it.  And I was feeling pumped.  So I followed that 6 minute video up with 2 sets of 5-minute single unders!  During the 1st set I did 629 SUs! And then for the 2nd set...I totally just stopped counting midway through - it's like all of a sudden I couldn't count and jump at the same time - hello?!?! LOL Not a big deal.

So that was 16 solid minutes of jump roping and I was feeling strong!!

Then I had a protein shake!! (I'm on a role!)

I made a dairy free version of my Coffee Peanut Butter Cup Protein Shake from yesterday!  I substituted water for the milk and also added in a Splenda packet - which I probably didn't need but it was too late to take it out ;)

[Reminder of yesterday's shake]

So, back to #thoughtsthingsthursday!  I'm (sort of) crafty!

There are times when I get in a crafty mood - I actually really like just walking around Jo-Ann Fabric or Michaels Arts & Crafts.  It makes me wish I was very crafty - meaning I had the time and the patience.  I've made some super cute things and I'm going to share a couple of recent crafts that I've done with you!

Crayon Letter in a Shadow Box:

I saw this on the internet months and months ago and I knew that I had to replicate it!! (I can't remember where I originally saw it so I can't link to it - sorry!)  You can make it for your child's room, as a gift for another child's birthday, for your child's really makes a statement!

This was super easy and fun to do!  I bought a pack of fresh crayons, a shadow box and a thick piece of scrapbook paper.  You also need a glue gun, a sharp scissor or knife and a pencil.
  1. Lightly trace out the letter that you want to make on the scrapbook paper.
  2. Pick your color palette of crayons and lay them out along the letter so you know (a) how many you need and (b) what order you want them in.
  3. I used a really sharp kitchen knife to cut the crayons.  As you can see from this close up, I cut them about 1/3 of the way up the crayon, leaving the crayon in 2 pieces.  
  4. Then, starting from the top, glue the crayons down!
  5. Once it's dry, place the paper inside the shadow box and VOILA!
  6. Remember, this is supposed to be fun...there really is no right or wrong way!
Dry Erase Wall Calendar:

Yes, I am only 30, and I'm definitely considered of the 'tech-generation'....but I still keep a desk calendar at home!  There...I said it! ;)  I don't use my phone's calendar or reminders - I literally have to write every appointment, play date and plan down in my big desk calendar!  I highlight and have post-it reminders all over it!  Things are taped in and scribbled out.  And I love it!

So when I saw this on Pinterest (again, can't remember where...this was before I knew what 'pinning' was lol) I thought how perfect - an at-a-glance calendar for the week :)

This is super easy and, again, can be done however you see fit!  I bought this collage picture frame (it came just like this - how perfect?), 3 or 4 pieces of scrapbook paper and a few sets of letter stickers in different sizes and fonts.
  1. Cut out pieces of the scrapbook paper to fit in the frames - one for each individual frame and decide which one goes where!
  2. Spell out the days of the week and put it directly onto the paper.  Have fun with the placement, different scripts and sizes!
  3. You can use the last frame to put a special message, your family name or whatever you like!
  4. Slip the papers into the frames - in order of course!
  5. The glass acts as a a dry erase surface so use dry erase markers in all different colors to write in your schedule each week!  Brilliant, right??
Do you consider yourself 'crafty'?
Do you like jumping rope?