Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hi. My name is Sammy and I...{have some mom confessions!} #TTT

Just a reminder that today is the last day to enter my Vitalicious SuperSampler Giveaway.  Did you enter yet??  The giveaway ends tonight (Thursday) 
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Happy #thoughtsthingsthursday everyone!!  But before I tell you about some mom confessions that I have - I can be honest here, can't I?! - I want to tell you about an awesome workout that I did yesterday!  I liked it so much I may actually do it again today!

I worked out while the little guy was napping.  I was not, I repeat NOT, in the mood for a workout!  Who wants to get all sweaty and overheated and exhausted at 2:00pm?  I actually already was exhausted, that was my problem.  I wanted to just veg out, and catch up on your blogs, and color with my 4 year old!  I felt like I had no oomph (that is a technical term ;))

But, I pushed on....and found a great new 15 minute Bender video and thought, "I could do 15 minutes...what's 15 minutes?"  It's the 15 Minute Cardio HIIT Fat Melting Workout - and it was a sweaty, cardio-intensive 15 minutes, which was a total switch-er-oo from Monday's cardio-less workout.  It was a really really awesome workout!

OK, now on to #ttt....and not to sound like Usher but These are my confessions!

When you become a mom you all of a sudden become a member of a very exclusive group (it's like when you join a sorority, or get married)  There are certain things that you do or say that are considered 'normal' in your exclusive group that may seem 'odd or wrong' to outsiders.  Do you follow what I"m saying?

And so I decided to throw some of my "mom confessions" out there.  And whether you're a mom or not, I want your feedback.  Think I'm crazy?  Think they're totally OK?  You tell me...

Let me explain!
  1. I just wrote about this actually!  I make breakfast for dinner A LOT!  The regulars in our rotation: scrambled eggs, pancakes, waffles, french toast (which I make into sticks so they can dip it in the syrup - kids love to dip! lol), or a combination of these.  They are a comforting and delicious breakfast dinner choice!
  2. Sometimes I have to use the restroom, or do the laundry, or empty the dishwasher, or throw on some makeup, or...well, you get the point!  Sometimes I need a minute!  Period!
  3. My kids learned early on (my little one isn't even 2 yet!) that the bakery gives out cookies to kids!  The second we cross over the threshold into the supermarket my little guy says "cookie. cookie. cookie.".  It makes him happy --> which makes me happy!  It keeps him quiet and occupied --> which allows me to shop quicker!  Win-win!  (Even at 8:00am!)
  4. My friends with little girls always say, "So-and-so just had to pick out her outfit this're so lucky you have boys!"  Not true, people!  Even boys - my boys, at least - have opinions about their clothes.  There are things they like (the a TMNT shirt, for instance) and things they don't (the boring, plain t-shirt with no graphic).  My older son would literally wear one of his t-shirts if I let him...and sometimes I just do!  Some kids get really into costumes....I can't even tell you how many princesses and superheroes I've seen in stores, and I'm not just talking around Halloween!  Sometimes you just have to surrender!
  5. We all get tired!  My little one still naps but my older one refuses (who would argue with a nap?) so we have "veg out" time.  I let him hang out on the couch, watch a TV show or a Disney movie and just chill.  We are always on the go-go-go, and he gets SO much action at school - so I'm OK with an hour or so of just relaxing!
What do you guys think?  
What 'mom' confessions do you have to add to my list??