Sunday, December 1, 2013

Monthly Weigh In & WODs: 11/29-12/1

Hi guys!!  I'm sitting and writing this on Sunday night after a nice, long holiday weekend!  The house is dark and quiet (yea for my kids having early bedtimes!) and my husband is watching football.  It's sad when weekends like this end but the upside is that Christmas and New Years - and the vacation days that they entail! - are a short 3 weeks away!!

This will be quick because I'm tired!  I'll be back to "normal blogging" this week with all new posts including: my recap of the Turkey Trot, a review of the new Chocolate Chip VitaTop flavor, a new #thoughtsthingsthursday, and lots of my usual ramblings!  

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Monthly Weigh In

So I decided that I'm only going to do Monthly Weigh In (MWI) updates on the blog from now on.  I will still be weighing in weekly, but since I'm in maintenance mode it's not really necessary for me to update you guys more than once a month....if that.  I like to blog about it just to keep myself accountable and to keep a record.

At this week's weigh in I was the exact same weight as I was last month around the same time!  That's good by me :)


Fri 11/29 - My sister and I played tennis.  I use the term played very loosely....we didn't keep score, we didn't play any actual games, we just rallied back and forth.,,,and we laughed A LOT!

Sat 11/30 - I took it easy Friday as a rest day from the Turkey Trot...and because I knew that Orange Theory was on the schedule for early Saturday morning!  I took my sister to try it and she obviously loved it! (Like I always say...what's not to love?!?)  

The class was structured as follows....we did a warm up and then some time on the treadmill (about 1.3 miles), about 12 minutes doing a circuit of the rowing machine and some strength training using a medicine ball, about 12 minutes using the SBT straps in the weight room (ugh!), then back on the treadmill for a crazy, 4-minute uphill run, then back to the rower for 4 minutes and then we finished off in the weight room with a quick but painful ab routine.  

It was a good wasn't the hardest class I've ever taken and I didn't burn the most calories, but the classes at OT are always a solid, great workout! :)

Sun 12/1 - One word (well, actually 3 words!).....OMG!  I literally had 25 minutes before we were leaving the house this morning so I figured I'd try Melissa's new Burpee Burn workout (I saw that the video was only 21 minutes!).  Holy moly!!  You know I love a good burpee!!  I was sweating and out of breath after this quick, killer workout!  I didn't do the 1 mile warm-up or cool-down, but I was so happy that I fit this routine in!  It was awesome and exhausting!!  I felt great!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!!