Monday, December 2, 2013

New VitaTop Review & a Vitalicious Cyber Monday Deal!

I am a VitaTop FREAK!  I've eaten one for breakfast....every day...for the last 10 years!  

I know, it sounds crazy....reading it back I even think that I sound crazy, but I really just love them!  They're delicious and nutritious and they keep me full all morning long (with a dollop of peanut butter or Nutella, of course!) 

When I saw that their newest flavor was Chocolate Chip I hurried over to the Vitalicious website and ordered 2 dozen, stat!

And I have good news....they are even more delicious than I had imagined!  There is no skimp-age on the chocolate chips and the muffin top is moist and soft, but not too chewy.  From the freezer, about 27 seconds in the microwave yields perfection!  They taste like a dessert - who wouldn't love that??

For today ONLY (since it's Cyber Monday!) there is free shipping on EVERY ORDER - with the exception of Next Day Air shipments.  All you have to do is click over to Vitalicious, place your order and enter coupon code ECMYTQTY3FS!

Are you "back to reality" yet??
Do you have the post-Thanksgiving blues or are you knee-deep in All-Things-Christmas already?!? :)