Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Portion Distortion - Are YOU in control?

Hi guys!!  It's Wednesday which means that we're getting over that mid-week hump....pretty soon we'll be sliding into the weekend and then...dum, dum, dum....Christmas week :)

I'm glad to report that yesterday I did end up doing the plank workout (it's so quick but so effective!) AND having a berry-licious vanilla protein shake (so delicious!) - I was happy that I did what I set out to do, actually executing something that you said you'd complete is a great feeling!!

So, as the New Year approaches I thought I'd touch on something that I feel like I know a little bit about - as a former (lifelong!?) Weight Watcher point-counter I remember a lot of emphasis being put on portion control.  In a broad sense that IS what WW is...learning to enjoy all things in moderation and how to control the portion sizes YOU (and your family) are consuming.

It sounds like a simple task but in today's world it definitely isn't!  Here's why....

This graphic is a little dramatic, and even if it's only partly true the fact is that portion sizes when eating out are OUT OF CONTROL!!  105% of America is obese (or something like that! lol) and this is why!  Scary stuff, right?

So I compiled a short list of my tips for having better portion control.  Just bringing awareness here, guys.  Please don't read this as DO ALL OF THESE THINGS OR ELSE lol.  I am writing it more to bring it to your attention, just so you can be a little more cognisant of the amount that you're eating!

{{I'm also not saying "never indulge" - you should definitely indulge from time to time....It's all about balance, IMO!}}

  • Eat intuitively!
    • Listen to your body - if it's full, stop eating!!  And give yourself time to actually feel full!
  • You don't have to be a member of the Clean Plate Club!
    • There is NO PRIZE for finishing!! If you are hungry and want to eat it, great.  If not, back away!
  • Just because a restaurant serves you a "plateful" doesn't mean that it is a 1-serving portion!  Because it's usually never is!
    • Order the lunch portion
    • Ask for half of your order to be boxed up, to-go before they even bring it to the table
      • An order of spaghetti and meatballs at a restaurant is usually 2+ servings (at least!)
  • Just because your mom serves you a "plateful" doesn't mean that it is a 1-serving portion!
    • The word "mom" here can be subbed out for any family member or friend!  Your grandma, your husband, your wife, your best friend....
    • Sometimes family members think that the way they show you how much they love you is by the amount of food that they serve you!  Not true people!!
  • Use a smaller plate
    • Less plate = less room for food on that plate
  • Have a colorful plate full of ALL of the food groups! 
To sum it up I made this simple graphic! (I can't help myself - I love PicMonkey!)

What are some of your tips to avoid "portion distortion"??