Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend Recap

Before I recap my wonderful weekend for you guys, I have an announcement!!  

Check back tomorrow - Tuesday 12/10 - because I am doing a GIVEAWAY of one of my favorite things!!!!!!  Can you guess what it is?  Hope to see you there :)
{It's my first giveaway....can you tell I'm excited?!}


I woke up and did a new, awesome Bender workout, Muffin Top Meltdown.  I was dripping sweat!  For the 30-second cardio bursts I did SUs with the jump rope.  I've been talking about it a lot....but I'm really loving this whole jump rope thing!  It's so total body!  

Then, because I wanted a few more minutes of cardio, I did 3 sets of 100 SUs, where every 10th rep was a double under (10, 20, 30....100).  I got caught up a few times in the jump rope - the DUs are HARD!  A lot of thinking is involved...but I think with practice they'd get a little easier.

After my workout I was off to get a much needed manicure and pedicure - I did a gel manicure, which, IMO, is so necessary.  I workout, I wash dishes, I am with my kids all day....I need my polish to stay on!  I got matching on my nails and toes...OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark.  It's a personal fav of mine!  I literally feel better physically when my nails and toes are polished....anyone else? ((or am I a total weirdo?))

We ordered in sushi for dinner and then I watched Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story that aired on VH1 a week or so was entertaining and the characters looked almost exactly like the real TLC!  It really gave a good look into the way they formed the group and the major trials and tribulations they went through, I had no idea.  And it made me realize that I know and absolutely LOVE all of their songs!!  They were such a power group! RIP Left Eye!


I had an early Orange Theory class.  It was "distance Sunday" it always is!  I love/hate distance Sundays.  At every OT class I always start on the treadmill because I could never run at the intensity that the trainers require recommend after doing the rowing machine & weight room.  In the first 28ish minutes of class I completed 3.2 miles!  I was exhausted...and we still had the 2nd half of class to complete!

We did a small amount of rowing and a lot of time in the weight room...chest press, chest flies, squats, jump squats, push-ups, mountain climbers, curls, tricep kick-backs, tricep was intense!  Check out these stats...

575 calories!!!  And it felt good!!

We BBQ'd for dinner last night, which I love - doesn't everything taste better on the BBQ??  We had lots of yummy eats...

Starting at the 12:00 spot....macaroni salad (store bought), a 97% fat free hot dog (I only ate 1/2), a 7% fat lean ground beef American cheese burger (I only ate 1/2), grilled pineapple, grilled zucchini + (not pictured) some french fries from the oven!

I was actually really full after this meal - it was a lot to eat!  But it was goo-ooood!  And we have leftovers for tonight!! :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!
What do you LOVE to grill on the BBQ?