Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Round-up

Happy Monday!!  Can you believe it's just over a week until Christmas??  I hope after this work week everyone gets to enjoy at least a few days off of work, a little rest and relaxation and a lot of family time!

I had a great weekend and, imagine this, I didn't open my computer!  I just wasn't in the mood.  I was busy relaxing and having family time and watching tv!  There I said it ;)

I do check Twitter from my phone and I did link up for the SITS Girls Saturday Sharefest (because I think it's great!), but other than that I was out of touch!  But now I'm back and ready for a new week together! :)

Ohh, before I get to the nitty-gritty of this post (which includes a GREAT plank workout and a new smoothie recipe!) I want to share a coupon code for Vitalicious!  I told them how I had wished that every one that entered my giveaway could have won, so they passed along a coupon code that will give you 10% off ANY ORDER on the website!!  


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This is just another example of why I love this company - great food AND great customer appreciation.....Thanks Vitalicious!!

Saturday morning I had a dentist appointment - everything checked out good (yea!) - but I woke up early enough to get in a fast workout first!

I headed to the gym for only 30 minutes - I chose a little more sleep and a little less workout - PRIORITIES!  I started with a 1 mile run (in 9:10) to get my heart pumping and body moving!  I knew that Sunday morning I had a date with one of my boyfriends, Orange Theory (the jump rope is my other new boyfriend - I'm a busy lady these days!!) so I wanted to keep it a little simpler today.  

After my run I did a great plank routine.  I LOVE planking!!!  It's a total body burner {it really is!} - check out this graphic: (I've shared it before but I'm sharing it again!)

So I came up with this awesome core workout.  During the Bonus Set my body was shaking!

Orange Theory!  I ran 3.25 miles during the first 30 minutes of class - WOWSA!!  Check out these stats:

It's such an amazing workout!  I was running at 9.0mph at some points which, to me, is basically lightening speed! :)

We did a lot of strength training incorporating multiple muscle groups at the same time - for example, bicep curls while in a static squat, hence the massive calorie burn.  Exhausting-ly awesome!

After OT I wanted to refuel - so I finally took out my blender and decided to make a protein fruit smoothie! (My previous shakes were made without any ice/frozen fruit so I used the Blender Bottle!)  

So I made a berry-based shake and it was nutritiously delicious - BOTH of my kids had a little in their own cups because they liked it so much! {{NOTE TO SELF: double the recipe so I have enough for me + both kids lol}}

I was thinking maybe next time I will use greek yogurt in place of the milk.  But as-is this shake was fabulous!!

How was everyone's weekend??  
Are you off of work yet for the holidays?