Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hi. My name is Sammy and I...{want to tell you ALL ABOUT Orange Theory!} #ttt

Hey, Hey, Hey!!

Thursday night already? Wow!  It's almost the weekend and I still feel like I'm playing catch-up from the holidays! After New Year's there's a bit of a lull, don't you think?? After Thanksgiving it was Hanukkah, then Christmas, then New Year's - there was always something right around the corner! Now it's the beginning of the year and what - almost Valentine's Day? Lol  (The stores are already totally stocked with candy and cards and presents - all things pink and red - crazy!)

So I wanted to dedicate a post to one of my favorite things...Orange Theory!  I talk about Orange Theory all.the.time!  I try to go at least once a week, sometimes twice, and I blog about it every time. It is such a great, kick butt workout and I love having it in my regular rotation!

I went this Tuesday so I decided to detail the entire workout.

At our studio, the first Tuesday of the month is called Tornado Tuesday!  Every class that day is run the same way - as a tornado, literally!!!!  You spend the whole time switching from one exercise to the next every.single.minute!  Let me explain.....

There are 3 main sections at the Orange Theory gym - the weight room, the rowing machines and the treadmills. During every class you utilize all 3 areas - and how!!

During the Tornado you do 9 total rounds - and each round consists of 1 minute on the treadmill, 1 minute on the rowing machine and 1 minute doing a specific strength training exercise (it changes each round). There is about a 20 second transition period from one exercise to the next, and the goal is to go "all out" during each run as fast as you can, to row as quick as you can, to do as many reps as you can....IT IS EXHAUSTING!!!

It is so fast paced and interesting that, before you know it, it's over!

These are my stats for Tuesday's class:

Everyone wears a heart rate monitor and your heart rate, your calories burned and your current "zone" are portrayed on big tv screens for all to see!  You aren't competing against anyone (beside yourself!), but it's cool to see how everyone in the class is doing!

The goal during each OT class - Tornado included - is to spend 25-35 minutes "in the green zone" and 12-20 minutes "in the orange zone".  The orange zone is what leads to the EPOC, or afterburn effect, which translates to calories being burned 24-36 hours after the workout. 

I'm not so caught up in all of that - although I do love numbers - I do it because it makes me feel strong and powerful!  And if I just so happen to burn 500+ calories then so be it :)

During this specific Tornado the rowing sections were simple...row at an "all out pace" AKA as fast as you can - so I made a goal for myself to try to row at least 250 meters during each 1-minute session...and I think I succeeded (if even just by 10 meters or so) each round!


In the weight room we did 9 different exercises, each for 1 minute each round.  Some of the exercises: Romanian dead lifts, push-ups, burpees, SBT muscle-ups....great total body exercises!

The treadmill portion was very different from other Tornados that I've been to...we varied the incline each round anywhere from 0% to 15%, while running as fast as possible!  At one point we were doing over 8mph at a 15% incline!  Even for a minute that is some seriously hard stuff!


Each class ends with a few minutes of stretching!  And a big sigh of relief that it's over :)

So I hope you guys enjoyed this very detailed description of one of my favorite things!!

Before I go here's a recap of a few other WODs....

As for Wednesday's workout, I did a great 15 min HIIT Bender routine, Full Body Fat Burn.  Every time I turned around it was another set of burpees or froggers or high knees...torture - in a great way!

I topped it off with my 4 minute plank routine (who doesn't have 4 minutes?!?)

Today I started the day with a 20 minute run on the treadmill - which totally made me realize that I am MUCH more comfortable running outside!

Later in the day I did the latest Bender workout, Cardio Belly Fat Burner....AMAZING!! I love that Melissa is incorporating all of these cardio-based strength moves (hello lunge jump, burpees, squat jumps, oh the list goes on!) - such a great full body workout!!!

Check out my new shirt....

(It's backward but you get the drift!)

I may not be a distance runner, but these 2-3 miles really make me feel good....and so does wearing this new shirt!

Has anyone ever tried Orange Theory??
Does this post TOTALLY make you want to run to one to take a class ;)