Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How I Stayed Active During the Holidays #sweatpink

Hi guys ~ I have almost 2 weeks of workouts to fill you in on.  I'm excited for you to see them because most were actually really good routines, although I share with you the good, the bad, the ugly regardless!! :)

Wednesday - 12/25 (Merry Christmas!)

I woke up and set out for a run - a fast run!  2.5 miles, which is a smidge more than I usually do, and it felt great.

I came home and had a few extra minutes so I did this great 4 minute plank routine - who doesn't have 4 minutes???

As you can probably tell by now I love "planking"!  People think that crunches and sit-ups are the only way to work your abs.  SO NOT TRUE!!!  Yes they are a great addition to a workout, but there are so many other options to really work your whole core.  And the plank is just a GREAT (full body) exercise that really targets your entire core!!

Then we spent the rest of the day walking around the zoo!!  We probably covered at least a mile on foot!!

Thursday - 12/26
I woke up and did another run.

I also have a GREAT new strength workout for you!!!!

Friday 12/27
I went to go for another run - but I realized RIGHT BEFORE I started that the jogging stroller's tire was blown out!  I shoved it in the trunk (to drop it at the bike shop) and pushed my older son in the regular stroller for 1 mile.  I literally couldn't.push.it.another.minute!!!  It was really hard...it made me realize how much easier it is when I use the proper, jogging stroller!

Then to get in a bit more cardio I did a 10-minute jump rope routine....90 seconds work/30 seconds rest (so I did 5 rounds).  It was quick but good!

Saturday 12/28
Saturday was a very active day!  

It started with an Orange Theory class - I'm leaving out all of the details today, but I will say that I felt good after class...we did a lot of strength training.  I wasn't dripping sweat like I usually am, though, so when I got home I ran a quick mile to top off my workout!

We also went ice skating!!!! My 4 year old LOVES to ice skate (out of the norm for a Florida-boy!) and he's really good at it!  We had an awesome time and probably spent a good 45 minutes skating around!!  Family Time + Workout + Fun = A Great Day!!

Sunday - 12/29
Sunday was a rest day!  You know how I hate to take rest days but I know that I need them and they're good for me, and to be honest I was super busy and then too tired to squeeze something in the evening! #truth

Monday - 12/30
I went for a 2 miler Monday morning.

I then did my AMAZING "Planking Your Way to Awesome Abs" workout - seriously a core killer!!  (That BONUS 60 second plank is really the cherry on top of this great workout!)

Tuesday - 12/31
I still can't believe it's NYE day - tomorrow is 2014!!!!!!!

To help ring in the new year - and burn some of those calories that I knew I'd be consuming later! - I came up with this great Keep It Simple Silly (KISS) New Year's Eve workout.  Check out the rep count ;)

I did 2 rounds but feel free to continue on if you feel up to it!!

Wednesday - 1/1
Happy New Year folks!!!

Like a fool I signed up for a morning Orange Theory class today!  Granted I wasn't 'hungover' (although I did have my fair share of drinks last night!) and I was asleep long before the ball dropped, I was tired and not in the mood for an all-out OT workout first thing!  

Needless to say, a few minutes into it I was stoked that I was there and it ended up being a SUPER workout - I was THRILLED when it was over....I did it! lol

Thursday - 1/2
Back to the jump rope.....and I wanted to hit it hard today because I know that I could push myself more.  If I can do 1 minute or 2 minutes straight of jumping rope, I could theoretically do 3 or 4 or even 5 minutes, over and over and over again!  So I did!

Then I did the Bonus Plank Routine 2.0 from the week prior (that I mentioned above!)  It's such a good workout-finisher!

Friday - 1/3
My hamstrings were SO sore from Wednesday's Orange Theory class.  So I did my first Bender video in a long time.....I did the Total Tummy Toning Workout and it was great!  A really great core routine!!

Then I did a quick, upper body routine....

5 Rounds of Super Set: 10 curls, 10 hammer curls, 10 shoulder press, 80 shoulder flutters
5 Rounds: 10 push-ups

Saturday - 1/4
I did a 2 mile run...

I followed that up with a quick lower body routine of squats, squat pulses and Romanian deadlifts with 11 lb dumbbells.

Sunday - 1/5
I ran 3 miles which is the longest I've run in a long time!  And it felt good :)

Monday - 1/6
Back-to-back Bender workouts!  30 minutes of serious cardio and strength training - I was SWEATING!!!  First I did the Day 1: Leg and Belly Blast, then, as if my legs weren't exhausted enough, I did the Day 30: 15 Minute Cardio HIIT and Body Sculpt.  The fact that we repeated high knees, froggers and mountain climbers THREE times almost killed me ;)  It was one of the BEST Bender workouts I've had!!

I love working out - I love the way that it makes me feel - and I'm really proud of myself for staying so active (and running a lot!) during the holidays!

Were you active during the holidays?
If you weren't, are you coming back full-force this month??