Monday, January 6, 2014


Hi friends!!!!

Happy, Healthy New Year to ALL of you!!  2014 really crept up on us, didn't it? I sure feel like it did!

Now you know how I feel about Resolutions....but I do hope that you all have goals and aspirations for the months ahead - whether physical, emotional, mental, about your work or your family, or yourself! - and that you do everything in your power to accomplish them!!

There's a great quote that's been floating around recently.....

Makes total sense!

These 2 weeks off felt like they flew by and lingered on at the same time!  I'm excited to get back to our routine (including school for my older one!).  I am making today's post a "Lately...." post, which I very rarely do, but I have a list of things that I want to fill you in on!  

I also have a TON of WODs to tell you about - I stayed very active during the holidays! - but I decided to do a super long post on that and it will be up tomorrow!

Without further ado,
  • I've been doing a decent amount of Running!
    • I stick to only 2-3 miles, but I've been pretty consistent with it during the last couple of weeks....and I've been pretty fast (for me!) - you'll see in tomorrow's WOD post!
  • I've been drinking Protein Shakes!
    • I've been having a protein shake almost every day - after every workout!!  I have the recipe down pat and it's deeeeelicious!!  I rarely switch it up because I like it so much!  It's light (especially when I make it with water rather than milk) and it's refreshing because of the berries!
  • I've been including Ground Flax Seeds in my diet!
    • As you can see above, I have been putting 2 Tbsp of ground flax seeds in every shake!  I know the health benefits of flax are extensive so I will continue putting them in - even though I don't feel any different, you can't even taste them so why not!?
  • I have a Monthly Weigh In to update you on.
    • As of a month ago I think I'm up about 1.5 lbs.  I know it's mostly water weight and "too much food consumption" weight but I thoroughly enjoyed myself this month and!!  {It's really not that bad considering it was the holidays!!}
    • Just staying accountable!
  • I've been eating the breakfast of champions, VitaTops! :)
    • It should come as no surprise since you all know that I LOVE the Vitalicious products - but I'm having a serious love affair with my current breakfast: the Chocolate Chip VitaTop + chunky peanut butter (and/or Nutella!).  Such a GREAT way to start your morning!!
    • Remember to visit Vitalicious and enter coupon code WBLQTQ3Y4PT
      at checkout to recieve 10% OFF your order!!
  • I had a great experience ordering from Easy Canvas Prints!
    • I was contacted last month by Stephanie (via Jessie Love to Run - Thanks Jessie!) over at offering me a free 8x10 canvas, in return for an honest, only-my-true-feelings, not-compensated-in-any-other-way review about it on my I jumped at the chance.  I love ordering personalized canvases for family and friends (and myself!) so I was excited to try out a new site!  
    • I am pleased to report that I had a wonderful experience!  Their website is super easy to navigate ("easy" IS in their name!), the "upload a picture" process was painless, the different options (wrap thickness, canvas colors) were simple to understand with prices clearly stated, and my canvas came within a week - even during the holidays!
    • The print is clear and the colors pop - it is very true to the photo that I uploaded in terms of the color and clarity!
    • I was very happy with my experience at Easy Canvas Prints and I would definitely (a) use them again and (b) recommend them to my friends!
    • Because Stephanie is SO nice (and generous!) she gave me some Coupon Codes to pass along to you guys - including a 50% off a canvas print and a BOGO free offer, both of which include free shipping!!
    • I haven't used their other sites, Build A Sign or Allied Shirts, but I snooped around and they have some pretty cool stuff!!  I love custom anything! :)
So what have you guys been up to? 
Are you ready to get "back to reality"??