Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend WODs

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Ours was BUSY, but very good!  Today will be a round-up of my 3 great WODs from this weekend!

I was going to make Friday a rest day - but I got a little burst of energy after I put the boys to bed so I ran with it (not literally lol).

A simple, body weight routine to burn out the shoulder!

I started the day with a speedy 2-miler!

Now, as much as I love/encourage incorporating multiple body parts into each strength exercise (for example: squat + shoulder press) to burn the most calories, today I did just the opposite!  I had already done my 'cardio' so I focused on my arms, and it was a quick but good arm workout!  Check it out...

Sunday started with another fast 2-miler!

Then I did some strength exercises at home and it was a GOOD one! {{as I pat myself on the back}}  I made a big decision yesterday - that I'll tell you about tomorrow (along with Peace, Love and Ice Cream's 2nd giveaway!!) - so this workout is kind of an 'homage' to this exciting news!!  I actually briefly mentioned the giveaway the other day.....I'm sure this all probably sounds totally sketchy and confusing but I promise it will all make sense tomorrow!  

So check out this simple but not so easy workout from guys know I love a good burpee! ;)

I only had time for 1 round and even that was enough to get in a good sweat!

So I'll be back tomorrow with my exciting news and a GREAT giveaway!! STAY TUNED!

Did you guys do any great workouts this weekend??