Monday, July 21, 2014

25 Things You Didn't Know About Me!

Good morning everyone!  We had a good but busy weekend so I'm ready to start a fresh, new week, although I'm dragging a little!

I ran 4 miles yesterday (and 3 sets of 1-minute planks!) which felt great - I'm really enjoying the treadmill because it's always 0% chance of rain in the gym! ;)

So for today I'm doing an "About Me" post.  I saw a post like this on Tina's blog last week and I thought it would snag borrow the's a long one so get settled in!!

1.  I hate spending the time to blow dry my hair! On the weekends if we're going out, yes I will do it.  But 90% of the time, especially during the week, my hair will be in a bun/top knot/poof/braid/bird's nest mess on top of my head.  If it's not blow dried I just CAN'T leave it down!

2.  On the same token, I love the way my hair looks when it's blow dried, even when it's in a ponytail it looks better when it's been blowdried!  And I LOVE going to the salon to get my hair cut!  It always looks and feels (and smells!) so good when I leave, although I can never replicate it at home! lol

3.   I drink A LOT of water!  I never leave the house without my water bottle.  I bring one for me and one for each of my kids.  Water for everyone!

4.  Although I very rarely drink it anymore, McDonald's has the BEST tasting Diet Coke!  They must have a heavy hand with the syrup or something! ;)

5.  I love math....always have...and I'm good at it!  It was one of the main reasons I chose Engineering as my major in college.

6.  When I see people doing an exercise wrong - at Orange Theory or the gym - it takes all of my restraint for me not to correct them!  I repeat what my husband always tells me, sometimes it's better to just "mind my own business!"

7.  I always order a Caramel Frappuccino Light, double blended, no whip at Starbucks, unless I switch it up and get the Mocha flavor instead....sometimes I'm crazy like that!

8.  I am still having a love/hate relationship with my glasses and contacts...I love that they allow me to see clearly but I hate that they're such a nuisance!

9.  I am pretty fast (and consistent!) when I type - I actually took a computer/typing class in high school! lol

10.  I love string cheese - but ONLY the Sargento Light Mozzerella.  It's the best - yum!

11.  I love a chopped salad!  There's just something about it being in such little little pieces! And I NEVER order a salad with leafy greens....I know the darker, the leafier, the healthier but I really only eat iceberg or romaine (don't tell my healthy living blog! ;) )

12.  I REALLY REALLY love peanut butter!  My entire life I ate creamy pb....until a couple of years ago when, on a whim, I tried crunchy....and it changed my life forever!  I haven't looked back since!

13.  Speaking of peanut butter, I will only eat a pb&j sandwich if it's made with grape jelly!

14.  Again, on the topic of peanut butter, I think pb and banana makes a perfect and delicious snack - it's one of my son's favorites, too!

15.  I find strawberry based smoothies very refreshing!  That's why this is one of my favs!

16.  I was always a very good student!  (I hate to disappoint...see here!)

17.  I'm pretty competitive, especially with myself!  I always try to beat my last time on my run, or do an extra rep, or hold the plank for another 10 seconds.....

18.  I have a thing about "round" numbers (and even numbers) - I would never end a run at 3.01 miles....I'd have to go to 3.10!

19.  I totally wanted to marry Patrick Swayze growing up!  I was IN LOVE!!  I think I watched Dirty Dancing for like 5 years!!

20.  I feel SO lucky to have a sister, it's a bond that you just can't explain and you honestly cannot have with anyone else in your life....and I feel the same way about my boys having each other!!

21.  I think that I was one of Vitalicious' first customers, and I'm definitely one of their best!! I 've eaten a VitaTop (just about) EVERY day for the last 10 years!  I love them!

22.  I rarely leave the house with NO makeup on, but for everyday it's usually just under eye concealer, blush, eyeliner and mascara!

23.  I am pretty good at polishing my own nails, but I try to go for regular manicures for the sake of my cuticles!! (My new obsession is the Sally Hansen InstaDri literally dries in 60 seconds and has the look of a gel manicure.  Seriously, check it out!)

24.  Speaking of nails, I LOVE going for pedicures!  The heel massage is my favorite! And the dead skin removal (I know, so gross...but so necessary!).

25.  I actually really enjoy exercising!  Even if I'm not in the mood at first, once I start I'm SO happy that I'm doing it! I love the way it makes me feel - very accomplished!

So there you have it....25 random things that you (probably) didn't know about me!

What's something that people may not know about you??