Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Totally Random #ThoughtsThingsThursday

Hi guys!!!

Did you read yesterday's blog post??  So exciting!!  I hope you had a chance to check out my first official post as a contributor on ModernBocaMom!! (While you're over there, browse around a bit...there's a lot of really cool stuff!)

Anyway, back to business.  It's Thursday and with that I'm continuing my #ThoughtsThingsThursday posts.  Today's version is a little all over the place but I'm going with it!  Lots of'll see what I mean in a minute!

So, I'm a math person.  Like, I still talk about my TI-89 graphing calculator from college....that kind of math person. 

Ahhhhh....anyway, remember in grade school when you had to determine if Column A was > (greater than) or < (less than) Column B....well that's the theme for this post!  For organizational purposes, my Column A is always > my Column B! ;)


Almond M&Ms > Peanut M&Ms > Plain M&Ms (if you like nuts!)

Running on the treadmill > Running outside (This is a total turn around from a few months ago,'s's hot....there are bugs!)

Teddy Grahams + frosting > Frosting-less teddy grahams (does anyone remember Dunk-a-roos?)

A 15 minute at-home, body-weight, high intensity interval workout > Spending an hour at the gym just going through the motions (proven fact - I mean, have you ever done a burpee?!)

Home Alone 2 > Home Alone (NYC is the just the best - the snow, the Tree, the Sticky Bandits, Duncan's Toy Chest!)

The toys/food/snacks/place mats/(fill in the blank) at a friend's house > the exact.same.stuff at our house (according to my kids...I just can't win!)

Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn > Anything else in my pantry fridge (I keep EVERYTHING that's been opened in my fridge - popcorn, cereal, chips, cookies...well, you get the drift!)

Pretzel fishies dipped in peanut butter > Pretzel fishies > Cheddar fishies and/or any other shape of pretzel (try it!)

Do you agree or disagree with me on these??
What is something you would add to my list?

And speaking of a 15 minute workout ;)...I'll leave you with this oldie but goodie, a fun Jump Rope Jamboree workout...Enjoy!!

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