Monday, July 7, 2014

Peace, Love & Ice Cream has been RESUSCITATED!!

Holy blogging hiatus!  

In January, after 5 months of daily blogging, I decided to take a little vacation from Peace, Love & Ice Cream.  Not because I didn't love everything about it - the writing, the connection with my readers, the blogging community as a whole - but I needed a few days...maybe a few find my blogging mo-jo again.  Blogging on PL&IC took up a lot of my time and energy and I needed just a tiny, temporary breather....

Well that tiny, temporary breather turned into almost 6 months with no tweeting, no blog writing and no blog reading!  Honestly, the first few days felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders....dramatic, but true!  I didn't have to think of witty tweets or what to post about next on the blog or whose blog I hadn't yet read that day. (Can you say overload?? Apparently, without me even realizing it, my blog had become a chore!)  My brain was on a blogging vacation....just as I had planned.

Those days led to weeks and before I knew it, it had been 6 WHOLE MONTHS!!!! 6 months that I had been completely out of the blogosphere.  I started to get a little nervous....will I know how to get back? Do I even WANT to get back? Does anyone even care that I just completely disappeared? 

And that's when I realized....the only thing that really mattered was that I truly missed this place!  I loved this blog - it was my baby!  I loved writing (typing!) down my thoughts, I loved interacting with other people that had similar interests and wanted to chat about them too, and I am not a quitter!  I am so proud of this blog....I decided to come back and finish what I started!!

I may will not be blogging every day!  I may will have to regain the trust of my followers because, let's be honest....I would've stopped following me if I were you, too.  But I will dive right back into PL&IC and, in a few weeks, I promise you won't even remember that this little (ha!) blogging vacation ever even happened!!

I'm back and I am bursting with excitement!!  I have SO much to fill you in on!!  A lot can happen in 6 months....a couple of new freelance jobs, 2 completed obstacle course races (!!), some great workouts, and, probably the most exciting (and currently the most time consuming!)....I have decided to get my NASM personal trainer certification so I can venture down a new and very exciting career path!  Who's signing up for Sammy's Boot Camp?? :)

I will elaborate on all of that and much more in future posts!  Promise! I'm so excited to be back and I am totally rambling....if I don't stop now this post will be 25 pages long!

If you're still out there, and you waited for me, thank you so so much!!  
If you're new to the blog, Welcome!
Either way let's get this party started! :)

If you're a blogger, have you ever taken an extended "blogging vacation"?
Also, fill me in!!! Tell me one exciting thing that has happened to you since we last chatted!!

I'll be back soon with more!