Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Spartan Race Citi Field Sprint Recap

This race recap has been a LONG time coming!  I am going to pull from the deepest part of my brain to try and remember all of the dirty details to give you a brief, but thorough, recap.  It may sound corny but this Spartan day was very special to me!  When I posted on here months ago that I was going WAY out of my comfort zone to register for a Spartan Race, I meant it. 

For example, if my comfort zone was here in Florida, registering for this race was, like, on the planet Pluto Neptune! (Pluto isn't a planet anymore, is it?!) 
Completing this race signified something huge for me!  It solidified that I CAN go out of my comfort zone, I WAS strong enough to complete it and I OWE it to myself to continue doing things that both challenge me & make me proud of myself!  I was really proud of myself! {I was so proud I had to just say it twice!}  The whole experience was much more than just "running a race" for me!  

Now that that's out of the way, onto the recap...

On April 12th I completed my first Spartan Race!  It was my first Obstacle Course Race and, in hindsight, it was the perfect race for me to begin my OCR "career".  (Can you call it a career if YOU are actually paying THEM?? lol)

With one of my closest girlfriends (Hi Tara!) and my sister (Hi Max!) by my side, these Spartan Sistahs kicked butt and completed the New York City Citi Field Spartan Sprint - with fatigued legs, a few bruises and BIG smiles on our faces!

We arrived at Citi Field with way more than enough time before our heat was set to start.  But that's OK!  I liked walking around the stadium, looking around, feeling the amazing energy and getting comfortable before we started.  Even though I saw a few YouTube videos of last year's Citi Field Sprint, I really didn't know what to expect, which made me a little nervous and a lot excited!  

They were blasting music from the stadium speakers and the big screens were showing participants during the race around the stadium!!! They had video cameras filming the upper deck and the finish line, and a few other places too, so it was fun to watch people while they were doing the race!

Then, all of a sudden, it was our start time!  I went to the bathroom one last time (my nerves took a serious toll on my bladder!), kissed my hubby for good luck and off we went!

In a nutshell: it was harder and more fun than I anticipated!  I completed all of the obstacles except the rope climb and the spear throw (which seems like 1 in a million!).  Some of my favorites were: the weighted jump rope, the monkey bars (major personal achievement here - check me out on the video below!!!), the traverse wall (another major personal achievement!) and all of the wall climbs, even the really tall ones!

Some of my not so favorites were: the Herculean hoist, jumping up (and then back down!) 4 flights of stairs with a rubber band snugly around both ankles, carrying a HUGE water jug down and then back up a very long flight of stairs, and sitting (but just for a split second) in each seat of a very long row in the upper deck (my quads!!)!

This was the perfect first obstacle course race for me - no mud, water or fire! no barbed wire! no hills! (hey I'm from Florida!)  There were however a TON of stairs...I think we went up and down every flight of stairs in that stadium!  We were running around in the nosebleed section, carrying sandbags, for a good 15 minutes at one point!

Finishing the enormous cargo net and running in the dirt along the outside of the field to the finish line was exhilarating!

Things I want to work on for my NEXT Spartan Race: rope climb!!! I think if I would have practiced (um...where am I gonna get a huge hanging rope to practice on?!) I would have had a better chance at making it even halfway up!  It was very intimidating! But that's on the bucket list now!

I can't wait to sign up for my next Spartan!  Hoping to recruit even more friends, of course my sister, and maybe even my hubby for the next one! I'll keep you posted, obv! :)

Are you Spartan Strong?  
Do you do OCRs and, if so, which one is your favorite??

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