Monday, August 4, 2014

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now!!

Happy Monday!!  Today is Day 1 of "mommy camp" AKA "real camp ended and school doesn't start for 2 weeks" AKA "ahhhhhh"!  We have some fun stuff planned, some appointments at the doctor and some playdates - hoping for a smooth transition from camp to school!

So I love bullet points....and making lists (shocker, right?!) - I foresee A LOT of these in PL&IC's future!  It's an organized way to get my thoughts across and isn't that what this whole game is all about?! ;)

Here are....

1.  My DVR - I switched from a TiVo to my cable's DVR about 3 years ago and, to be honest, I missed my TiVo for a while!  I guess because I was so used to it and I liked a lot of its features better..... however, I realize now that there are some definite changes that I LOVE!  OnDemand totally rocks, I love that you can rent basically any movie at any time, you can browse the channel guide or my DVR'd shows WHILE watching a DVR'd show and it's conveniently storing all of my favorite shows in 1 spot just waiting for me to attack it! Now if only I could find the time to watch them....

2.  My QALO Ring - I've been wearing my purple QALO Ring for about a month now - I get questions and compliments on it all the time.  I bought it mainly to wear when I'm at Orange Theory, out for a run or at the gym.  But I'm literally wearing it ALL.THE.TIME!  It's so comfortable and it's super cute - and QALO donates 10% of their proceeds to The Alliance for Lupus Research!  Win-win!  They describe their rings as "A functional wedding band for an active lifestyle" it and cannot agree more!!  

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3.  Running - If you've been keeping up with my Instagram and/or Twitter then you know that I'm a running queen these days!  Most of the time it's on the treadmill because it's as hot as an oven outside at all hours of the day here in Florida!  I still haven't gone further than 5 miles but that may change very soon... ((more details to come!!)). 

4.  Cotton shorts from Target - I bought 2 pairs a few weeks ago (black and pink) and I love them!  They were on sale and came in 3 or 4 great colors.  I wear them to bed, I wear them lounging around the house, and I may even wear them when I'm out running errands at...well, you guessed it...Target!  This is HUGE for me because anyone that knows me in real life knows wearing shorts is major.....I spent a good 6+ years NEVER wearing shorts (and remember, I live in Florida!)!

5.  My HSA account - Health insurance is obviously a wonderful thing....but, in my opinion, the HSA is an added little bonus!  It came in especially handy when purchasing 2 prescription eye drops - for 2 little boys that had pink eye last week - that totaled over $200!!!!
What are some things that you're LOVING right now???

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