Monday, August 18, 2014

5 Things That Made Me Smile :)

Hi!!  Monday...Monday.....

So today's the first day of school!  Very exciting!!  Both boys are there and I have a to-do list 100 items long....let's see what I can get done here!  I'm repeating "efficiency....time management.....organization...." to myself in hopes that I don't get side-tracked with laundry, emptying the dishwasher, paying bills....ugh, see! I'm already off the path! :)

Anyway, speaking of a list, here are some things that I wanted to fill you in on this week.  I'm still working on a pretty long upstate New York recap which (I hope!) will be coming to you at some point this week!  And, as I teased on social media, there's a QALO Ring giveaway coming soon!!!

Without further ado....Here are 5 Things That Made Me Smile :)

1.  A stranger complimented these guns!

I was checking out at the doctor's office last week and scheduling my next appointment when, in the middle of everything, the receptionist looks up and says, "You have great arms, you must workout a lot!"  Holy compliment, right?!  My first instinct is always to shy away and make an excuse - oh it's the lighting, or the shirt I'm wearing, or you're just blind ;) But my close girlfriend (Hi Amy! xo) taught me start TAKING THE COMPLIMENT!!  So that's what I did!  I filled her in on the workouts that I do - yes, in fact I do workout often! - and all about the blog.  And I'm not gonna lie, it made me feel really good!

2.  My kids were AWESOME on the 3 flights that we took last week.

If you have kids you know that traveling in general is a challenge....I do think the older they get the easier it gets, but there is no relaxing with a book or watching a movie for me and my husband at this point.  My 2 and 4 1/2 year old need entertainment - and they're used to running around!  And we're trapped on this plane for how many hours??  I brought crayons and coloring books, tons of lollipops and snacks and the iPads.  Imagine my surprise when there was NO Wi-Fi offered on 2 of the 3 flights!!! And the 1 flight that had Wi-Fi...that I spent $8 on....ended up not working!  NOTE TO SELF: bring the portable DVD player next time!  But even so, my kids were well behaved, weren't bothered by the change in pressure, the take off or landing and didn't run up and down the aisles like lunatics - great success!

3.  Speaking of flying, I got a "You look like Jessica Biel" comment at the airport!

I gave the man at the gate my ID to check us in and he said, "Do you know who Jessica Biel is?"  Ugh, of course I know who she is, Sir!  And thank you!  To be honest I don't really see it, but I'll take it!  As if I need to even explain why this made me smile?!?! I get this every so often and I love hearing it EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! :)

4. Did you hear I climbed a rope??

I know, I've heard! But until something even better comes around I am going to milk this one for all its worth!  I watch it over and over - and I'm hoping for my next climb that the rope is longer and has knots in it!!

5.  Mystery Girls on ABC Family is my new 'must-see TV'!

The original 90210 will always be one of my seeing Donna & Kelly Tori & Jennie together on TV again makes me just does!  The show is cheesy but very funny! Their comedy timing is on point and I do laugh-out-loud when I watch it.  I happen to love all things ABC Family!

Hope everyone has a great day!
Tell me something that made YOU smile!!

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