Thursday, August 7, 2014

Breakfast...It's What's For Dinner! #thoughtsthingsthursday

best scrambled egg recipe, so easy and delicious, breakfast for dinner

Let me be honest here (as if I'm usually lying lol) - I rarely never make eggs for breakfast, not even on a weekend morning. {<---- terrible parent alert}  We do things like pancakes, whole wheat waffles or oatmeal, usually.  For some reason, eggs are never on my breakfast radar!

I do know how essential eggs are in my family's diet though, so I want to make sure that they have them on a regular basis.  The high protein content and long list of nutrients found in eggs make their importance undeniable.  FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT HAVEN'T HEARD: Eggs are no longer "evil".  Check out this article!

I make scrambled eggs, or homemade french toast, AT LEAST once a week, but I make them for dinner!  My kids (and my husband!) LOVE this recipe!  It's simple and easy, but you can totally jazz it up with other cheeses, meats and veggies!!

so easy, eggs are so fluffy and delicious, very little ingredients, very little time, tons of flavor, breakfast for dinner

I ALWAYS make them scrambled!  For some reason I don't like the texture of an omelet...I like it all messy, well done and mushed together (totally opposite of my personality, I know!)

And once you have the basis for a great "scrambled eggs recipe" (see above ;) ) you can make dozens of different variations!  It's like oatmeal - the mix-in possibilities are endless! 

By the way, overnight oats are now a staple in our home - whether it's for breakfast or dinner!  If you search for "overnight oats" on Pinterest you will find a different recipe for every day of the year, and then some! Seriously!!

What breakfast foods do you make for dinner??

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