Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Highlights From Our Family Trip to Upstate New York! {Part 1}

hightlights from our trip to upstate new york part 1

We had a great trip with the kids visiting family in New York!  The weather was cooler, the scenery is hilly-er and the people are totally chill-er!  It's a nice change to the crazy, hot, fast-paced life that is our everyday!  

I'm going to do the recap in bullet point form (and in 2 parts) because, well, I'm tired and it's easy easier!

  • We stumbled out of bed, still drunk I think, and got last minute things done before we left for the airport.  The 2 Advil before bed and 2 Advil the second I woke up really did the trick, I think!  And thank goodness for that! Traveling with 2 kids on a 3 hour plane ride while sick and hungover would've been a nightmare.  But Saturday night's Surprise 80's Bash was worth it - whatever the consequences!
  • We had some delicious pizza at the airport before our flight! (Veggies make it healthy, right?)
delicious veggie pizza in the airport before our flight
  • The flight was on time, the kids were well behaved and about 20 lollipops were consumed!  We had a successful flight!
    • Side note: don't you just LOVE how kids wait until the worst times to go to the bathroom!? I asked my older son 10x if he had to go (you know, like really go!) while we were in the airport....fast forward to 1 1/2 hours into our flight and guess who's ready to go now...terrible timing and so gross!
  • I totally did a #wycwyc with my run(s) today.  First, I did 2.5 miles outside with my hubby which was wonderful - check out this view!!
running outside 4 miles in upstate new york.  great weather and scenery.
  • Then we took the boys to the park, where I did another 1.5 miles by myself.  So 4 miles total!  I'll take it! :)
#wycwyc garmin 1.5 miles and 2.5 miles. 4 mile run
  • We ALWAYS go to Wegman's while we're there - this trip we went multiple (3!) times!  It's the best place ever...like Disney World, sort of but not really.  They have an entire area of pre-made, ready-to-eat foods, anything and everything you could ever want...so we had lunch there (sushi for me!)!  My husband's favorite spot was the beer section, mine has always been the pick-and-mix!  There are at least 100 different snack and treats and I totally stock up!  I'm like a chocolate hoarder!
Wegmans. pick and mix. chocolate. plaid shirt. selfie.
  • We went to a pizza party at my sister-in-law's house for dinner which was great fun - our kids have a blast together.  {And yes I'm wearing that shirt, again!}  My boss and his family were there too! (Did I tell you that I'm working as a social media account manager at a boutique marketing firm?! I'll have to fill you in more later...but while I'm on the subject - anyone need my services?) ;)
  • We took the kids to a museum.  It's a pretty famous children's museum geared towards kids exactly my kids' ages!  It was awesome!
  • Then my husband and I went to the gym.  Even though it was rainy out I knew I had to get some mileage in!  The treadmills were pretty advanced.  You could watch live TV, On Demand or even search the internet!  5 miles later....
  • While walking around (since it was our first time at that gym) we spotted, "The Room,"  which is a converted racquetball court. and IT.WAS.AH.MAZE.ING!  A crossfitters dream!  We played around in there a bit before we left! NOTE TO SELF: That is a great idea!!!!
  • I FLIPPED THAT HUGE-MONGOUS TIRE!!!  I only did it once but that was enough - it was REALLY, REALLY, REALLY heavy!
5 mile treadmill run. crossfit room. i flipped a tire.

I'm going to stop here for now - I'll keep you hanging and finish later this week!  
Spoiler alert coming in Part 2: if you haven't heard...I climbed a rope! ;)

Ohhh, and look what arrived when we got home....

QALO ring shirt, QALO ring giveaway. on the blog

Stay tuned...giveaway coming soon!!

Hope everyone's having a great week!  Talk soon!

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