Thursday, August 21, 2014

Highlights From Our Family Trip to Upstate New York! {Part 2}

Hey!  So it's Thursday.....whaaaat?  This was the first week of school here - which I totally forgot to mention! - and I can't believe this week is flying by so fast! The kids are doing great and loving school (although the teacher is figuring out what I already know - my 2 year old doesn't listen...hmmph!)...but honestly, at 2 and 4 what's NOT to love?

Did you see {Part 1} of our trip...check it out here if you missed it!

Tuesday (continued!)
  • After a nice shower (that was a very sweaty 5 miles!), we headed to hibachi!  That's one thing about this family...we love hibachi - and the pink sauce!  Love! ;)
    • I shared a chicken hibachi dinner with my FIL and I'm SO glad I did! The "old me" would've eaten until explosion because, well, it tastes so darn good! But that is such a terrible feeling to have - eating until you feel content is a much better idea!  It's not like we're bears saving up for the don't HAVE to leave a dinner like that feeling sick!
  • We ALWAYS make it a point to go to this awesome Farm Dairy in town for ice cream at least once every visit!  They have fresh milk, eggs and cream and they make dozens of fresh, straight-from-the-cow, creamily-delicious ice's amazing!  
    • It's such a happy place and it's always packed!  And they have the fattest cat ever - check him (I think it's a him!? lol) out!  He's so sweet...and full! lol
  • Then, after the kids went to bed, my hubby and I went BACK to Wegmans!!  There were a few things that my MIL needed and I love a good excuse to browse around that store!  Have you ever seen "witch fingers"? They were next to the grapes.  It was a first for me!

  • We spent the morning at a conservatory, full of all different kinds of plants and trees.  I know how that sounds....boooooring! But it was actually very interesting and the kids had fun! There was a great park across the street where we played for a while.  I did the monkey bars a few times :)
  • After lunch we went to the gym again!  Tuesday and Wednesday we went during nap time so it's not like we were missing much at home.  My husband and I made a pact that even when we're away or on a trip we want to keep up the activity level - we both enjoy it and it's just part of our "routine".  You just have to be more efficient when you're away.
  • So, back to the gym....I wanted to do a little running and head back into "the room".
  • I did a speedy 5k and then some fun stuff in "the room"
    • 3 sets of 10 rope waves (those are EXHAUSTING and fun!)
    • 3 sets of 10 box jumps on a 30 inch box!
    • 3 sets of 10 kettle bell swings with a 20lb kb
    • 4 ROPE CLIMBS! (I'm not going to post the video again...but I will link to it!) ;)
  • We finished the day with a family dinner....and then left for the airport first thing Thursday morning :(
Oh, one more thing.  So we were delayed at JFK for an additional hour - with 2 kids = not fun!  We were walking around and found Baked by Melissa - bite-size cupcakes!!! Brilliant, right?? They had dozens of flavors! There logo was so colorful and the baked goods looked so yummy and couldn't help but be happy in there!  They ship all over the US I think - what a cute gift idea for someone! #cutelittlehands reaching for #cutelittlecupcakes!

Are you a "cupcake person"?  [I am when I look at that chocolate chip pancake on the bottom right there! OMG - they were so good!]

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