Friday, August 1, 2014

Highlights from the Week!

It's Friday!!  We had a very busy week that went by super fast - and now I'm ready for a relaxing (HA!) fun-filled family weekend!  Here are some highlights from this week:
  • I started the week with an awesome Orange Theory class.  I should clarify that EVERY OT class is an AWESOME class, at least in my opinion!  There was A LOT of rowing and a lot of upper body training in the weight room, with heavy weights and the TRX bands (I love/hate them!).  My arms were dead until yesterday (in a good way!)!
  • BOTH kids had pink eye!  Totally gross, I know!  On Wednesday we only left the house to go the doctor and I must have done 3 huge loads of laundry....stuffed animals, towels, bedding, clothes, bedding again...exhausting!  The LONGEST day is when you're at home, all day, with your kids, when they're sick - trust me!
  • Our garbage man is the man!  My kids, especially my little guy, LOVE when we see the garbage truck.  We had just pulled in when the truck was passing our house and the driver let my older son get in and play around!! (My little guy chickened out!)  Very sweet, very dirty, and very cool!
  • I spray tanned my legs.  Seems irrelevant and ridiculous, at least that's what my husband thinks, but they very rarely see the sun! And I'm telling you, they look 100x better when they're tan!  I used the lotion and it literally works instantly!
  • I ran a speedy 5-miler!  I'm still playing with this "half marathon idea" so I've been running 5 miles about 2 times a week, with a couple of shorter runs mixed in there too.  But I need to start properly fueling before my runs, especially when they're 5+ miles.  I have to figure out the perfect mix of nutrients, without having too much food in my belly, and of now I'm eating a whole wheat waffle and (crunchy, duh!) peanut butter!  Usually does the trick.
    • PS - I can't wait to start increasing my mileage, little by little of course.  I just don't always have the time to do more than a 50-ish minute workout!!
  • I went to a Million Dollar Listing Miami Watch Party!!  And it was really fun!  I'm a huge Bravo fan so this was right up my alley!!  This whole blogging thing is opening up some really cool doors with interesting and exciting opportunities - I just can't wait to see what the future holds!  Here I am with the Queen of #MDLMIA, Samantha DeBianchi!
  • One of the realtors on Sam's team is actually a contributor to Modern Boca Mom also! Hi Margaret, aka Modern Boca Real Estate Mom!!  She was sweet enough to invite me to the event!!  I also got to meet another MBMom contributor, Erika aka Modern Boca Crunchy Mom!  Such a great time and I know I've made some awesome new friends, virtually and in real life! ;)

So that's that!  I hope everyone has a great weekend with good weather and good fun! :)

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