Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How to Throw an Awesome 80's Bash!!

What to eat drink and wear to have an awesome 80s bash
Hi everyone!

I'm reporting live from upstate New York this week!  I will have a full recap of our trip, including my workouts (got in a great run yesterday!) and other fun stuff we did with family while we are here!

While writing today's post there is a huge smile on my face!  We had a surprise birthday party for a friend of ours this weekend (hi Cari!) and it was AH-MAY-ZING!  The surprise was a success and the party that followed did not disappoint!  Who doesn't love a house party - seriously!  And yes we're in our 30's!  No kids, lots of food and LOTS of drink, a DJ, a theme....it was a blast!

It was an 80's theme, which thrilled me because I already had most of my outfit....does Halloween 2013 ring a bell....

Halloween costumes 2013. Awesome 80s rocker gal and a nerd!

My husband on the other hand had a lot of thinking to do!  Regardless, here are some of my tips on:
  • Tip #1: Dress the part.  If there's a theme (which there obviously is because we're talking about an 80's-themed party!), go hard!  A party is way more fun when you're "in costume".  There were an array of costumes at the party: Miami Vice, Kris Kross, typical 80's rocker (leg warmers, neon colors, extra blue eyeshadow - that was me!), and an 80's baseball card store owner, including a fanny pack (guess who that was!)
What to wear to throw an awesome 80s bash

garbage pail kids, fanny pack, 80s themed party
  • Tip #2: Over-decorate.  Same idea as with Tip #1.  It's festive and fun - and the neon colors make EVERYONE happy!!
neon colors, decorate to throw an awesome 80s bash
  • Tip #3: Have a DJ!  I was in such a drunken stooper having such a great time dancing I totally forgot to take a picture of the awesome DJ that we had!  He did play a ton of throwbacks, some awesome Bar Mitzvah favorites (electric slide, anyone?) and some current stuff.  We danced the night away, literally!!
  • Tip #4: Invite fun friends.  Obviously all of your friends are fun because, well, they're your friends!! But you need a party crowd for a fun night.  We're not having a stuffy cocktail party!  I'm talking party people that drink and dance and let loose.  This isn't the 7th grade dance...we need bumping and grinding and inappropriateness all over that dance floor! ;)
how to have a great time with good friends at an awesome 80s bash
  • Tip #5: Have an abundance of finger foods.  Things that people can walk by, grab and eat - no plate or utensils necessary!  A party is all about grazing!  And speaking of food, throw is some awesome 80s candy (Party City has a ton!) - ours included Pixie Sticks and Nerds!

What kind of food and snacks do you need for an awesome 80s bash?

  • Tip #6: Have alcohol in all forms!  Literally! And you can never have too much - trust me!  When us parents let loose without our kids it's a darn good time!!  We had jello-shots (made by yours truly - and they were a huge hit!), hunch punch (made by Amy...hi Amy!...another hit!) and plenty of alcohol and mixers to concoct til your heart's content!
I made awesome jello shots for our awesome 80s bash!

It's all about hunch punch for an awesome 80s bash!

Have you ever thrown an 80's-themed bash??
Do you like surprise parties??

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