Friday, August 22, 2014

New Workout & a Tease....

It's a busy Friday around here - I'm really just popping in to share a new workout with you!  And after writing the recaps from our trip (Part 1 & Part 2) I'm just about out of energy - for the week that is!  I'll be back Monday with a very exciting GIVEAWAY so stay tuned!!  I'll give you a clue: you wear it on your head! :)

So anyway, yesterday I wanted to do a HIIT workout.  It's been a while since I did a short, intense workout in the house.  Since there was no time for a run I did a quick, in-house workout while my little one was napping.  I developed it right before I did it and it was a GREAT workout!

I did 3 rounds in total for a 15 minute workout!  I only took a few minutes of rest between rounds.  I was exhausted and my quads were feeling it!  

I hadn't made up a new workout for months so that part of it felt good too...and it reminded me that I NEEEEEED to find the time to study! My NASM CPT exam is only a couple of months away and I am not even halfway through the textbook!  {{insert: very very sad face}}

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! See you back here Monday morning for the giveaway!

{Side note: I actually got in a run this morning with my girlfriend! - I guess you could say we're in full "half marathon training" mode - although this 4.5 was VERY early and EVERY exhausting....Aaaaahhhh!}}

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