Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Some Important Things That You MUST Cross Off Your To-Do List!

2 posts in 2 days...I'm on a roll!

When I started the blog last August I tried to post almost every day - while working extra hard to produce quality content. It was exhausting and time consuming - hey maybe that's why I took my little "hiatus"....lol. Anyway, I made a deal with myself when I came back to PL&IC last month. I was only going to blog 2-3 times a week to keep it fresh, keep my content exciting and relevant and to not get burnt out (again!)! 

I digress...lol

This is actually an important post - especially for parents with young kids of any age. We spend most of our time caring, worrying, feeding, tending to our kids. That's the way it's supposed to be!  But we HAVE to remember to care for ourselves, too. We really do! We can't be the best parent, spouse, friend if we're not taking care of ourselves and the things around us. 

I always try to schedule some "me time" - I find that it definitely makes me a better me!  I go for girl's nights about once a month, I spend time working out at Orange Theory, running or doing an at-home butt-kicking workout and I (try) to regularly go for manicures and pedicures.  Little things that make a big difference. 

Those things are all well and good - but there are definitely some "little" things on your to-do list that keep getting overlooked....and they're too important to miss!

Here is a list of important things that you MUST check off of your to-do list:
  1. Yearly physicals.  When was the last time you went for a good ole routine check-up at your GP or internist?  We remember to take our kids...we'd never miss an appointment for them.  But what about us?  We need regular check-ups (and routine blood work) too!  [This physical is separate from your yearly visit to the gyno...but don't forget to go to that appointment (and schedule your mammogram!) too!|
    • Also, as a sub-note (lol), if something specific is bothering you, something you've noticed that just doesn't feel/look right, make an appointment TODAY!  Tomorrow turns into next month turns into 6 months....get yourself an appointment today!  Better safe than sorry! (and the earlier you show a doctor the better!)
  2. Change your filters.  So many kids have allergies these days.  We vacuum and rip out carpeting.  But when was the last time you changed the filter in your air conditioning? Most disposable filters are only good for 1-3 months, after that they must be changed.  If not, they aren't doing their job properly - and what's the point of that?  And on that note, what about the filter in your refrigerator? You drink the water and use the ice machine, so make sure you change the water filter too!! {gross!}
  3. Check your tire pressure.  You carry precious cargo in your vehicle every day!  You drive at speeds of 70, 80 mph on the highway - do you just assume that those tires are A-OK?  You're at the gas station at least once a week so it's easy to keep an eye on the pressure in your tires and fill them up a little if need be!  (And it takes less than 5 minutes!)  Also be aware - give them a once over every time you leave or arrive home and look for nails, excess wear or anything that looks suspicious.
  4. Practice your home fire escape plan.  For most of us it should read, HAVE a fire escape plan.  It sounds dramatic, but what if something terrible happened at 1:00am (knock on wood)....you're definitely not thinking as clearly as if it were mid-day...so equip your family with an escape route - especially if you have a 2nd story! - and a meeting point somewhere outside your home.  Always better to be prepared - you'll be glad you did!
What is something you would add to the list??