Thursday, August 28, 2014

This Girl's Gone Sporty and some other cool things! #thoughtsthingsthursday

Hi guys!!  So today is a real #thoughtsthingsthursday because I have a lot of thoughts and things to fill you in on....and in the spirit of "thinking out loud" I'm FINALLY joining Amanda's link-up today!  Amanda, from Running with Spoons, hosts this link-up every Thursday so I'm going to try to make it happen at least 2-3 times a month!! :)

I know you're SO.SICK of me blabbing about my giveaway....but I just have to mention it again!! #sorry  {And hey, if you've been living under a rock this will be new news to you!}

(1) Did you enter my Bolder Band head band giveaway yet?? Come know you want one!!  The flower power pattern is just too awesome to miss!  Head over, enter and then sit tight - the winner will be announced on September 2 (since Monday is Labor Day!)! Good luck! Aaaaaand, if you don't win, no worries! I have a coupon code for 10% your purchase!

(2) I did a guest post on Jessie Loves To Run and it's up today!!  

Jessie is away for a few weeks and I jumped at the chance to post on her blog because (a) it's amazing and (b) she's amazing!  Plain and simple!  If you don't follow Jessie you should!  Anyway, my post is titled Pregnancy & Delivery: The Sh** They Should've Shown!  It's informative and real....and sure to give you a laugh - check it out!  I thought it was appropriate since Jessie's pregnant with twins!! :)

(3) My latest post on Modern Boca Mom is up and it's one I think you're gonna really love it! We are starting a new series over there and this month's exercise spotlight is all about Tabata - one of my FAVORITE HIIT workouts!  I'm really enjoying contributing to MBMom so don't forget to follow me over there too!

(4) Let me start off by saying I take my blog ambassadorships seriously!  I take my blog in general pretty seriously.  Well, not the content or writing style (obviously - we're old friends just having a little chat, right?), but what the blog means to me and what it stands for....I feel like it's one of my babies!  It may sound silly but it's true!  I applied to be a Fit Approach #SweatPink Ambassador and was thrilled when I got accepted last year because I love what they stand for!  I love the theme of powerful, pretty (inside and out!) women....strong but sensitive....rough but soft...and not afraid to get dirty and have fun!  

The same stands true for my latest news...

I'm a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador!!

I had seen #girlsgonesporty all over twitter and IG, and even before I knew what it even stood for, my initial reaction was, "that's totally me!"  Turns out....I was right....and they agreed!! It's a community of women that lead active and "sporty" lives - perfect!  I've been calling myself a boy's mom for years now which was my way of saying I was a girl gone sporty! :)

I proudly put my new badge on my sidebar!  {{so cool}}

I'm hoping that this brings about new and exciting opportunities for me and my meet even more healthy living bloggers and to connect with awesome brands!!!!

(5) I developed a new "During the Commercials" Workout!  One last thing before I go.....a new workout for you!! It's a fun one and it seemed appropriate to put it in this post seeing as it's all active-lifestyle-fitness themed...ENJOY!!

Would you do this fun, quick workout while watching TV?? #wycwyc, right?!

Where are my fellow #girlsgonesporty ambassadors?? Hiii!!

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