Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bolder Band Giveaway Winner & I RAN 6 MILES!!

Hi everyone!!  I hope that you had a nice, long holiday weekend!  Today I'll fill you in on some half marathon training stuff and, of course, I'll announce the Bolder Band head band giveaway winner!

I did a weekend recap here - which included an amazing, new, 12-minute plyometric Tabata workout, a half marathon training run and some beach pics!!  The Tabata workout is too good too miss so I'm going to post it again....

Yesterday was a fun, family-filled day.  We spent the morning and early afternoon swimming and playing at the pool with our friends, then had a BBQ with my family - as per our usual Sunday dinner plans!  Good fun all around!

So....now on to while you're all here....
The WINNER of the 
amazing, awesome, comfortable, colorful, #flowerpower Bolder Band head band is.......

Kelsey F. (@theprimalyogi)

 You're going to LOVE this head band!! 
Just shoot me an email sammy.peaceloveandicecream@gmail.com 
with your mailing address so I can ship it to you ASAP!!

I wish that all of you could have won - I really do!  I want to thank EVERYONE for entering and remind you that, even though you didn't win the head band, you can just click over to Bolder and order one today!!  Remember to use my coupon code!

Kelsey was chosen TOTALLY at random on rafflecopter.com (by Random.org).  Funny thing is, last year I WON a giveaway on HER blog - a whole box of KIND bars! I was a KIND-virgin before I won them and, let me tell you, they totally won my heart!  I'm glad this can be my "thank you" to Kelsey! :)

Before I go, check out what I did in the early morning hours before our fun-in-the-sun Labor Day.....

This was the farthest I've EVER run!!  It was a great feeling and I'm hoping this momentum continues for the next 2 months or so....when I actually run the half marathon! ahhhhh!!  (and check out that cute cute bunny that I passed!)

So I've been bored with Pandora the last few months.  I only listen to the Lil Wayne channel while I run (I need the high tempo and explicit lyrics lol) and they play the same songs over and over!  A friend recommended a new app, RockMyRun app, so I downloaded it Sunday night and used it on yesterday's run.  Let me tell you...it was AWESOME!! If you are bored with your current playlists or are sick of making running mixes this app is perfect for you - and it's FREE!! 

You can customize your "mixes" - which are all made by actual DJs so they really flow - based on the genre, beats/minute, explicit or clean lyrics, and time (although anything over 60 minutes is a "premium package" for $4.99/month).  I think I'll stick with the free version for now but may upgrade when my runs get longer! {although **lightbulb** I can just listen to 2 or 3 of the free mixes on a super long run and it would cost me....nothing!}

Anyway, back to reality! Stay tuned because later in the week I'll be hosting another great giveaway!! Happy Tuesday everybody! :)

Do you listen to music while you run?
If you do, what app do you use??

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