Thursday, September 4, 2014

Continuing the Tradition....Thinking Out Loud #2 / #thoughtsthingsthursday

Can it be considered a "tradition" if you've only done it once?? ;)

Since last week was my first linkup with Running with Spoons, today marks my Thinking Out Loud #2!  As I promised stated, I'm going to tryyyy to linkup at least a few times a month! Hey, as of now I'm 2 for 2!

I've got some serious NASM studying to do (ahh!), so this one will be short, sweet and bulleted (and very, very random!)!
  • I hate the beach!  Hate is a strong word, I know.  Let's just say that I'd MUCH rather be at a pool -  I do love the sun and I'm always in desperate need of a tan!!
    • I know what you're thinking - that ungrateful B....she lives in Florida and hates the beach?!  Sorry guys!  The sand sticks to everything and gets in everywhere!  It's impossible to clean off, it makes my car a mess and it is EXHAUSTING with the kids! But they love it....which means we do it....and when they're happy, I'm happy!  So I guess I don't hate the beach after all ;)
  • I love a good, blue pen!
    • No surprise, I'm a list writer!  I write lists about my lists!  So I'm pretty particular about what I'm writing with.  I'd pick a blue pen over a black one any day! But I can't stand a pen that's "wet" - like when you write and accidentally brush your hand by it (or highlight it - yes I do a lot of highlighting!) and it smudges everywhere....the worst!
Dream come true! :)
  • Along those same lines - I LOVE a legal pad!
    • Just writing that made me want to hide under the table.  What a dork! But my said lists are long, so a legal pad it is! And the yellow ones, never white!!
  • I have the same, boring order EVERY TIME we get sushi!
    • Don't judge: California Roll, add cream cheese, with brown rice & a Boston Roll, no mayo, with brown rice.  Spicy mayo & eel sauce on the side for dipping.  Sometimes I go totally crazy and order a Shrimp Tempura instead of a Boston Roll...I know, crazy, right? ;)

  • Speaking of the NASM, I can't WAIT to pass my exam and start a boot camp!
    • My intent was never to be a trainer at one of our local L.A. Fitness.  Not that there's anything wrong with that (and I very well may be doing that in the near future!), but it's not in my plan.  {Although there is a local personal training gym, no public mish mosh...only clients and their trainers!, that totally excites me...more on that soon!}  It's no secret that I love a good, body-weight, high-intensity, kick-butt workout! And those are best done in a group, outside, in the sun with some great music!  Stay tuned :)
So, now it's your turn to Think Out Loud - tell me something random that's floating around in your head now!!

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