Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lorna Jane #ActiveNationDay - Sunday, September 28, 2014

DISCLAIMER: I am a Sweat Pink ambassador.  I was given an #MNBbracelet as part of a partnership between Fit Approach & Lorna Jane to promote #ActiveNationDay.

I was super excited when I got picked to promote Lorna Jane's #ActiveNationDay!!! This campaign is RIGHT up my alley and I'm so excited to share it with you guys!

I was sent an #MNBbracelet as part of this promotion and, even though it has yet to arrive, I will sport that baby daily!  It will remind me of the wonderful community of women that are staying active and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle - one day at a time!  We can empower and inspire each other since we're on this journey together!

What is Active Nation Day??
Lorna Jane Clarkson, founder of the amazing activewear clothing line Lorna Jane, first started Active Nation Day in 2012 because of her desire to inspire women to be active!  It's a day to celebrate a healthy lifestyle and it keeps fitness fun and engaging - something you can carry on the whole year through (or so Lorna hopes you will!)!! What a wonderful concept, right?!

How do I get involved??
There are special events taking place all around the world this Sunday, September 28th!  Head over to to find one near you! At this event you can participate in a 45-minute MOVE class which has elements of aerobics, body strength and yoga - a total body workout!

Can't make it to an event or there isn't one in your area?
That stinks - but it's TOTALLY OK!  You can do one or both of the following to still be involved in #ActiveNationDay:

  • Take part in the #LJMove competition!  {This you're going to want to hear about!!}  Lorna developed the #LJMove to inspire every woman, everywhere, to be active every day! Check out this video to learn how to do the #LJMove - then upload a picture or video of YOURSELF doing it to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  Don't forget to hashtag #LJMove AND #ActiveNationDay, and tag a sporty sister to inspire them to enter the competition too!
    • ONE lucky winner will receive a $1000 Lorna Jane gift card!! Oh yea :)
What do I do to stay active after Active Nation Day is over??
Lorna believes, and so do I, that you should be active EVERY DAY!  Use the Lorna Jane app to stay motivated and track your workouts!  Join the community and sisterhood that IS Lorna Jane!

Remember: All of the information for Active Nation Day - including info about #ActiveNationDay events, the Lorna Jane app and #LJMove - can be found at!

What helps you stay active & inspired??
Be honest, are you planning to practice the #LJMove in front of your mirror now or what??? ;)

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