Monday, September 8, 2014

Recent Half Marathon Training Runs + a "His and Hers" QALO Giveaway!!

Hey hey hey!! Happy Monday everybody!!  

Love this shirt!

I'm very excited about today's post for 2 reasons...(1) I'm going to fill you in on my latest half marathon training runs/workouts and (2) I'm giving away one of my favorite things!  So let's get to it...

(1) My Recent Half Marathon Training Runs & Workouts:

I am knee deep (OK maybe it's only to my shins but ya know!) in half marathon training!  And {{knock wood}} it's going great!  I've only hit 6 miles but as of now it's a great feeling to think that 3 or 4 miles isn't a super-dreaded, long run anymore! It's amazing, actually!  So recently....

Sunday 8/24 - 1 hour YOGA
Monday 8/25 - REST
Tuesday 8/26 - REST
Wednesday 8/27 - Personal Training session at RAW Fitness (much more on this soon!!!)
Thursday 8/28 - 3 mile RUN
Friday 8/29 - 12 minute at-home TABATA 
Saturday 8/30 - 5 mile RUN

Sunday 8/31 - REST
Monday 9/1 - 6 mile RUN
Tuesday 9/2 - REST
Wednesday 9/3 - 12 minute at-home TABATA (push-ups subbed in for flutters)
Thursday 9/4 - 6 mile RUN
Friday 9/5 - REST
Saturday 9/6 - 4 mile RUN

Sunday 9/7 - 12 minute at-home TABATA (bicep curls subbed in for flutters) + 3 minute HASFIT ab workout

I'm not following a specific training plan, I'm sorta just making it up as I go along...and so far so good!  I'm hoping that in the next 2 weeks I get in a 7-miler (maybe even more....ahh!)

(2) "His and Hers" QALO ring Giveaway:

I am soooo excited about this giveaway!  I've talked about my love of the QALO ring many times on the blog before!! It's in a ton of my Instagram and Twitter pics because I'm ALWAYS wearing it!  I coined the #WhoNeedsDiamonds - I may be the only one using it...but I coined it! ;)

I first saw QALO on Facebook months ago, which is when I ordered my ring, and I just loved the company from my initial visit to their website.  I love wearing my wedding band because I love what it represents!  I married my husband because I LOVE love love him and I want everyone that I meet to know that I'm spoken for!  I agree with QALO though, sometimes a conventional wedding band just gets in the way...depending on your job, your workouts, your life!  The QALO ring is the perfect solution!  Plus, they're philanthropic - 10% of their annual profit is donated to the Alliance for Lupus Research!

I mean, hello....doesn't this QALO-wearing, GQ gentleman look HOTTTT??

My friends at QALO are amazing and they sent me 2 rings - a men's ring (black) and a women's ring (purple) - to give away to 1 lucky reader!!  I'm giving them away as a pair.  My thought process was (a) most people that are healthy/athletic/would want one of these are married to someone who is healthy/athletic/would want one of these OR (b) if the spouse of the winner isn't into this lifestyle maybe the new ring would excite them to get moving!  I don't know! lol 

Either way the giveaway is for 2 RINGS but there will only be 1 WINNER!  That makes sense, right??

Here are the rings....

Please note: 
(1) Giveaway is open to US residents only! 
(2) I have 1 extra men's ring and 1 extra women's ring (if you're in a same-sex relationship) - the giveaway is open to everyone so PLEASE PLEASE enter!!!!


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Are you a "wedding ring wearer" or do you go sans-ring?
What are your go-to supplements during your long runs?? {{I'm a newbie - help a sister out!!}}

DISCLAIMER: I am part of the QALO affiliate program.  My unique coupon code will save you 15% off of your total purchase.  I make a small commission off of every ring sold with this unique coupon code. I became a part of the program to market this product because I love it and use it myself!

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