Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thinking Out Loud #4: Half Marathon Training Edition

I want to start by saying Happy New Year to those that celebrate!!
....and even if you don't celebrate you should still have a little apples dipped in honey because you'll realize it's pretty darn good ;)

So today I'm linking up with Amanda for my 4th installment of #ThinkingOutLoud! As I say every week...I love this!!

Today's going to be "half marathon" themed (and a bulleted, obviously!).  Ever since I started training for my half marathon, with every run that I do....there are things that I'm noticing, that I'm learning about myself and my running habits.

Things like....
  • I think about running A LOT!
    • Am I running tomorrow? Do I HAVE to run tomorrow? SHOULD I be running tomorrow? How much do I have to run this weekend? Should I do it on the treadmill?  I should do it outside! But is it gonna rain?
  • I need good great music!
    • The quietness of the outdoors or the hummmmm of the treadmill get really old really fast!  The Lil Wayne station on Pandora was my jam for a long time because, well, it's amazing!  More recently, however, I've been rocking out with Rock My Run.  Their mixes are just awesome and there is such variety!!!
  • I now consider 3 miles a "short run".
    • I was never a "runner".  I still don't really consider myself a runner - although I guess it's safe to say that, hello, I am lol.  It amazes me that now a 3 mile run is not that big of a deal.  Don't get me wrong, I come back tired and sweaty and happy that it's over - but it no longer scares me...and that's pretty cool!
  • I do not stretch enough.
    • I really need to spend more time stretching after my runs, period!  And I do not own a foam roller! Why? I have no idea! NOTE TO SELF:!!!
  • I do a lot of 'calculating' in my head while I run.
    • I've gone 1.36 I have 3.64's taken me 15 minutes so that's....yea, you can imagine how much my head hurts after a run! ;) But I love every minute of it -  Type A engineer over here! And it keeps me busy! lol
  • I don't hate the treadmill!
    • I actually like the treadmill! {I know - so bizarre!} I'm really trying to only do 1-2 runs/week inside though because I need the experience of running outside! I mean the half marathon IS outside - unfortunately! 
Tell me something you learned about yourself (and your running habits) once you started running more often??

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