Monday, October 13, 2014

#FashionRocks at Macy's!

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Hey hey hey!!! I am, as you know, knee deep in (1) half marathon training and (2) studying for my NASM personal trainer certification exam - among mothering, social media marketing, blogging, living, loving, get my drift!  This leaves very little room in the "miscellaneous/fun/dress-up" department these days.  

But I have exciting news!!!

It's time for me to get all dolled up and put my fancy shoes on because next week I am going to a Fall Fashion Show at Macy's!!!!  Little old me....attending a runway show - pretty cool, huh?

Are you jealous? DON'T BE!!  Because you TOO can go to a #FashionRocks Show at a Macy's near you!  Check out this link (which is the online press release) for all of the upcoming events,, and hopefully there is one in your area, too!

At each runway event (they're going on all across the country!) there will be music, treats and a shopping party after the actual fashion show where you can get a sneak peak at the newest fashion trends!!  Fun, fun!!

And get this - if you make a purchase of $75 or more during the event you will get a special gift, while supplies last of course!

Stay tuned to my social media accounts (see below!!) on Tuesday, October 22 because I'll be posting pics from the event!!!

If you think that #FashionRocks and want to get in on the action, find a Fall Fashion Show at a Macy's in your neck of the woods!!  Have fun my little fashionistas!!

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