Friday, October 24, 2014

New QALO coupon code, recent runs & a giveaway teaser....

I have been so MIA lately....I know!  And I hate it!  Unfortunately the blog (and commenting on all of your blogs!) comes at the end of my very long list of responsibilities/jobs/life.  Something's gotta give sometimes and Peace, Love & Ice Cream is the sacrificial lamb!

So, my friends at QALO changed my coupon code and I wanted to make sure you all were aware...

You still get an awesome deal of 15% OFF your total purchase!  It's almost November, which means the holidays are literally creeping up (not to rush it!) get your holiday orders in!  

I know you have someone (or a few someones lol) in your life that wants needs a QALO ring!  It's quickly becoming THE fashion statement must-have so head over to, use coupon code sammy15 and place your order today!

Onto my recent runs.....I am a running queen! {in my eyes anyway!} With the half marathon only 2 weeks away I've finally started tapering and I really just wish it was here, so it could be over, and I could be done! I'm proud of myself for even coming this far (I ran 12 miles last week!!!) so I want to run the race, cross the finish line and make it official :)

Monday 10/6 - 5 mile run
Tuesday 10/7 - rest
Wednesday 10/8 - 4 mile run
Thursday 10/9 - rest
Friday 10/10 - rest
Saturday 10/11 - 11 mile run
Sunday 10/12 - rest

Monday 10/13 - 4.5 mile treadmill run
Tuesday 10/14 - rest
Wednesday 10/15 - 6 mile treadmill run
Thursday 10/16 - B.E.A.S.T. Fitness workout (AN AMAZING OUTDOOR BOOT CAMP!)
Friday 10/17 - rest
Saturday 10/18 - 12 mile run
Sunday 10/19 - rest

During these 2 weeks I ran 20 miles and 22.5 miles, respectively....not too shabby!  I've realized in the last month or so my cross training workouts have become basically nonexistent...which I am not happy about!  It's the time...and it's the busyness....and it's the exhaustion! Either way, my running is there and consistent and that makes me feel prepared for November 9!!!

And before I go....I leave you with a teaser to a giveaway that I'll be hosting next week....

Have a wonderful weekend!! :)

DISCLAIMER: I am part of the QALO affiliate program.  My unique coupon code will save you 15% off of your total purchase.  I make a small commission off of every ring sold with this unique coupon code. I became a part of the program to market this product because I love it and use it myself!

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