Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Spartan Race WINNER, Recent Runs & the 2014 KJIFF in #SoFL {Let's Rebound!}

Hi everybody!! 

So much to say today!  
Let's get right to it because I know everyone is on pins & needles waiting for me to announce it!



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So, keeping with the fit/active theme, I want to fill you in on my recent runs! 

I am NECK deep in half marathon training!  It puts a lump in my throat when I tell you the BIG DAY is 4 weeks from Sunday! It excited me, don't get me wrong, and I want to get it over with (ASAP! lol), but the fact that it's just approaching so fast is overwhelming! 

I'm running a half marathon!  
{Me?? What??}

Here's what I've been up to:

Monday 9/22 - rest
Tuesday 9/23 - 3 mile run
Wednesday 9/24 - rest 
Thursday 9/25 - 6 mile run
Friday 9/26 - rest
Saturday 9/27 - JUMP Class with Kangoo Jump Rebound Shoes (see below for details!)
Sunday 9/28 - 9 mile run

(I accidentally stopped my Garmin for 0.5 mile during my annoying!)
Monday 9/29 - rest
Tuesday 9/30 - 3.1 mile run
Wednesday 10/1 - 5 mile treadmill run
Thursday 10/2 - rest
Friday 10/3 - 10 mile run
Saturday 10/4 - rest 
Sunday 10/5 - rest

I did 18 miles each week which is 3 miles more than the previous couple of weeks.  My legs felt good and I'm just trying to get into my groove with my water belt and fuel/Gatorade/water during my runs.  (The chewable fuel makes me nauseous!) I bought a pair of compression socks and used them for the first time today....not sure if they made things feel better but I'll keep wearing them and see what happens!!

As you can see I didn't get much in other than my runs during these 2 weeks.  I (sadly!) paused my Orange Theory membership until after the half because there was too much pressure to be everywhere!  I miss it but will pick up right where I left off in about a month!  

The only non-running activity that I managed to get in was unusual and different but very exciting.....

So finally a recap of the jumpy fun workout that I did last month with the rebound shoes.....

I was invited by my new friend Lauren {Hiiii Lauren!!} to attend a complimentary class with some fellow bloggers, to learn about the Rebound Shoes and find out all the details about the Kangoo Jumps International Fitness Festival - which will take place in the United States for the first time this Sunday, October 12 in Fort Lauderdale!!

Have you ever seen this shoes? They're called Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes and they offer up a BIG workout in a small package!  We did front kicks, side kicks, jumping jacks, squats, high knees - basically a lot of the movements that I would do in one of my usual workouts, but with the added intensity!  I was definitely sweating - and panting!  All of that bouncing really bumps up the cardio aspect of the workout!

Wanna hear something interesting? Rebound shoes protect your joints by reducing the impact of athletic activity up to 80%!  WOW! And they're so versatile because you can wear them and jump around ANYWHERE! or almost anywhere! ;)

They were easier to balance on then I imagined and were pretty comfortable.  They're great for a "run" around the neighborhood or a group class like this one!  Check out Polestars in Hollywood, Florida if you're in the area - they call this class JUMP!! - Susana is beautiful and in amazing shape (mostly from teaching her JUMP classes!)....and a total beast on these things!! It's very motivating!

And if you're local (in the South Florida area) you should DEFINITELY check out the KJ International Fitness Festival THIS SUNDAY, October 12, in Fort Lauderdale! ((Don't worry if you don't have rebound can rent them at the festival!))  

There will be Kangoo classes (like Dance, Power & Boot Camp) taught by instructors from all over the world!!!  There will be some shows to watch too!  The weather should be gorgeous so check it out if you can!

Hope everyone's having a great week!! :)

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