Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thinking Out Loud #5:...And That's OK!

Hi Thursday....where the heck did you come from??

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So I originally published a post "...And That's OK!" last year, when we (probably) weren't friends yet!

It was short and sweet...but powerful!! Especially if you're in a funk/plateau/bad mood/having "one of those days"/etc.  

This post seems pretty deep, but when I first wrote it last year I wasn't in any of those places....I just wanted to remind myself that "my" best is my best! Does that make sense??  

We shouldn't CONSTANTLY compare ourselves to anyone else - they are them....and you are you!  Simple concept yet not always so easy to follow.  
There will always be someone richer, or taller, or smarter, or cuter (never! ;))...and that's OK! 
Or stronger, or faster, or bigger, or smaller
....and that's OK!
Or happier, or healthier, or thinner, or more muscular
...and that's OK!
Who can do more reps easier, with a heavier weight, in a shorter amount of time
This is something that I've been thinking about so I just wanted to throw it out there.  
We are so quick to compliment our friends, yet we are so hard on ourselves - focusing on all the things we can't do or don't have or that someone else has that's better - we forget to congratulate ourselves for all that we do have and can do! 
Take some time to applaud yourself today....because you may not be (fill in the blank)
...and that's OK!
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