Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thinking Out Loud #6 - My 'Non' Goals for my first Half Marathon!

Hey guys! You know I love this Thinking Out Loud link-up (and Amanda for hosting it - hey hey girl!!)

I've been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now, but I'm glad I haven't had the time to sit and organize my thoughts waited!  It sounds cliche but I have learned a lot about myself in the last 6-8 weeks.  Training for a half marathon (or anything really!) requires dedication, time, commitment, help, fuel, good weather, body glide, a water belt and much more!  

But in all seriousness, this training is as much mental for me as it is physical!

I am ALWAYS hearing about goals that friends on FB or Twitter make for upcoming races - and I get it!  I won't lie and say that with each 5k that I run I don't try to beat my old time....because I totally do!  But this half marathon (aka 13.1 MILES!!!) is putting a whole new perspective on "race goals" for me!


1.  Finish in under XX:XX.

My "goal" for this half marathon is actually very's to JUST FINISH!
I don't have to do a 9, 10, 11 minute mile....I don't have to do it under 2 hours...
I just want to physically cross the finish line after completing 13.1 miles!
That's all!

2.  Run the entire way.

I can already tell you tha thist ish is NOT happening, nor do I want it to!
Mentally, and physically!, I cannot run for 2+ hours straight...I just can't!
I have been doing an interval method while running - 
sometimes 4-5 minutes of running, then 1 minute of walking - 
sometimes 9 minutes of running, then 1 minute of walking - 
just depends on my mood, how I'm feeling, how my legs are feeling....
and it's been working!!  I think it rejuvenates me a little!
So that's the plan!

3.  Not cry.

Um, hello?!? Anyone that knows me in real life is totally LOLing right now!  
Even if I WANTED to make this a goal, which obviously I don't!, it could NEVER happen!  
I'm a crier, like a big one! I cry when I'm happy or sad, when I'm overly emotional 
or when I'm watching The Notebook....the list is endless!!  All the women in my 
family have this trait, it's inherited!  I will cry, probably at the start, maybe in the middle
and DEFINITELY at the end!! Especially when I see my family - water works for sure!!

4.  To sign up for my next race (maybe even a full!) before this race even happens.

Hi, I'm Sammy and you're hearing it from the horse's mouth....
It's not on my bucket list, it's not something I think I can do and it's not something 
that I WANT to do!  This race will be more than enough to fill whatever void I obviously have!
And let's even hold off on doing another half for a long, long while.....
let's just see what happens with this one, mmmmkay??

5.  To not have to pee (or something worse!) during the race.

I will go whenever, wherever, however I have to! Desperate times, people!
{{if it could be avoided though I wouldn't be disappointed! lol}}
That's all!

What are some of you 'NON' goals for an upcoming race(s)??

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