Thursday, November 13, 2014

5 Reasons Why Running a Race is Like Planning a Wedding...for real!

It's Thursday so I'm linking up with Amanda to Think Out Loud! (Love this #thinkingoutloud business!)

So my half marathon high (recap here!) is slowly dwindling....

I will ALWAYS have this accomplishment (and jokes aside I love my medal!) but the fact that it came and went is a little depressing anti-climactic!  Which got me thinking....all of this planning and prepping and anticipation...and then it's done! Reminds me of something...

Very much like wedding planning, don't you think?!

(1) You plan your outfit out waaaay in advance.

Color, cut, fabric...all important! It's for different reasons (for the wedding you want to look thin/fit/beautiful, for the race you want to be breathable/functional/non-chaffing) but it's still a very important aspect of both very important days! {{One is probably much more expensive than the other though lol}}

(2) Once you commit to a date you spend day and night thinking and dreaming about it.

The countdown begins the second you pick a date (for the wedding or the race!)! You think about it all the play it out in your start dreaming about it - and then you wake up and are either (a) happy it didn't really happen yet or (b) pissed that you were about to cross the finish line and then woke up! ;)

(3) You eat very specifically for the big day.

Tips: healthy (because food = fuel) and cautious (because you don't want to be bloated or gassy!)!  You eat very plain and consistent...nothing new right before the big day!  You don't want anything that will knock you off your game/routine!

(4) After it's all over you leave with bragging rights and a medal!
Let me introduce "my husband" = I just ran a "half marathon". New shiny bling....Bling ring = bling medal. (The husband is just the added bonus!) ;)

(5) Right after it ends you can't wait to see the professional pictures!
No explanation needed here, right??

There is one way that they're VERY VERY different though.....

When you finish a race you can't WAIT for the next one.....when your wedding is finally over you think - I'm exhausted and I can't imagine doing this again...I think I'll stick with this one for a while! ;)

What do you guys think?
If you've planned or are planning a you agree??

Oh, one last thing.... (I can be random because we're Thinking Out Loud today, right? lol)

Check out my new badge...

If you follow me on social media you probably saw this already - but I'm THRILLED to tell you that I'm now an IDEA Inspired Blogger! I love their hashtag #inspiringfitness and I'm really taking this title seriously - I want to inspire you....and I want you to inspire me too! :)

I will be talking more about this (and it means so much because IDEA is a community of fitness professionals - and even though I always thought of myself as this, now I really am!!) & I'm hoping I can get to the IDEA World Fitness SweatPink BlogFest in 2015 (since I'm involved now in both of these amazing communities!!).

Have a great Thursday everyone!! 

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