Wednesday, November 5, 2014

RockMyRun Winner, BIG NEWS & a Halloween recap!


I haven't been here since early last week but boy has a lot happened since then!  I'm getting right into it because I'm too excited to wait...

(1) RockMyRun Giveaway Winner!


Jennifer F.!!

You win a FREE 1-year Premium Membership to the awesome music app, RockMyRun!
(I will be emailing you this week!!)

Thank you to everyone who entered!!!

(2) I was verrry sneaky....

Remember when I mentioned that I was studying for my NASM personal trainer certification exam....

Well, I'm done studying...


I PASSED!!!!!!!!!

I am SO relieved! I studied and I knew that I could do it...but I really wasn't sure if I was really ready!

Who the heck has time to study these days?  I'm a wife....with 2 kids.....that works from home....that's training for a half marathon... but the proof is in the pudding!! And it's one more thing that I can check off my "to do" list!!

I'll keep you posted on my plans when I actually have some ;)

(3) Halloween came.....and went....

and we have TONS of leftover candy! Not that I mind (check out this post for my thoughts on Halloween candy & portion control!), but a bunch will be donated - our preschool is doing a collection to donate!

It's no secret that I ((heart)) Halloween! Trick-or-treating was a blast! 

Now that my kids are both old enough to get it, they LOVED it! We were still home and they were in bed post-bath by 8:30 but it was so so fun!!

Saturday morning was my last long run before the half - holy moly!!  I'm SO ready for the training to be done & my ass to cross that finish line!!

Saturday night was our friends' annual adult-only Halloween party....something we look forward to all year long! 

We ate, we drank, we was more fun than ever, which is saying a lot!! (Check out our costumes from 2013 and 2012) Ahhh...til next year....

So that's what's doing over here! THIS SUNDAY IS MY FIRST HALF MARATHON so say a good word for me....and remember, my only non-goal is to FINISH!! :)

What's doing with you????

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