Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sammy's 8 Days of Healthy Tips Before Thanksgiving - TIP #2

Thanks for coming back today for Tip #2!! {In case you missed it, here's Tip #1 from yesterday!}

I am reposting these from last year so some of the links aren't relevant but the tips & tricks are totally applicable!

Here is my 2013 Thanksgiving Holiday TIP #2

I hope this series is getting you excited for Thanksgiving - I've enjoyed planning it and coming up with tips that I think you guys will really be able to use and implement!  It's not that I'm giving you mind-blowing suggestions that you never would have thought's just that sometimes (especially for me!) it helps to see things in black and white, laid out in front of me, in a simple list!

For today, here is Tip #2:

I know what you're thinking...drink?  How is that a healthy tip??

I'm not talking alcohol people!!  (but I will get to that in a minute!)  I'm talking the good for you, refreshing, raw, pure, delicious...




Water is important for so many reasons, especially around the holidays when there tends to be more eating and less moving!  Water fills you up, it keeps things moving (ahem!), it keeps you hydrated (duh! lol) and honestly, more times than not, when you think you're hungry, you may just be thirsty!  Try it and let me know! 
If you can't stand the taste of water - which I can't understand because has no taste! lol - try something to spice it up, like Crystal Light!  But there really is no substitute for the real deal!

As a former Weight Watcher (or lifelong WW, I guess!), I am a water freak!  I drink water all the time, all day long, every day!  I always have my water with me!  And so should you!  

If you're interested, I just found this great article - click here for Real Simple's Best Reusable Water Bottles.


Don't get me wrong....I am planning to drink alcohol too!  Any reason to celebrate!  Just remember to drink responsibly, have a plan and don't drink and drive!  Enjoy yourself within reason :)

Do you like water?  
Do you drink 'enough' of it?

2014 UPDATE:  I am still on the water (band) wagon!! Drink it people - all day, every day!!

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