Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sammy's 8 Days of Healthy Tips Before Thanksgiving - TIP #6

It's Tuesday! I hope you all enjoy Tip #6!
I really feel like this tip doesn't require much explanation, but of course it deserves it's own post because it's super important!  TIP #6 is...

Start a new tradition with your family and/or friends!!


Holiday memories are centered around special traditions!  Traditions that are unique to your family, that you look forward to every year - whether it's the food you cook and eat, where you gather, what you wear, who you're with....literally any little detail can be considered a tradition if it's special to you and your family!
  • Wear your flannel pajamas to dinner?  New tradition!
  • Buy an ornament that describes a milestone from the year? New tradition!
  • Make a new recipe (from Pinterest!)? New tradition!
  • Go around the dinner table and name one reason you are thankful for each person sitting there? New tradition!
What is a new tradition that you would want to implement this year??
Happy Thanksgiving Week, all :)
2014 UPDATE: LOVE this one!! New family tradition in our house this year?? Gingerbread house competition.....oh it's on!!!!

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