Wednesday, December 31, 2014

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me {A to Z Edition, Part 2}

Happy New Year's Eve my friends!!!!  Tomorrow is 2015 - craaaaazy!!

{{If you're looking for a great NYE workout look no further than this post from last has 5 awesome workouts including a NYE K.I.S.S. workout that you will love - promise!  I'm actually planning that as my workout today too!!}}

Oh....and have you seen my new blog button/logo?? What do you think?? It's about time this ish got somewhat professional! :)

So this post was suppooooosed to be published on Monday but this break has me all kinds of screwed up!! [Anyone else??]  

We've been doing a lot of fun family stuff - if you follow me on IG you've probably seen some of it!  We saw Santa, went to the zoo, went to a Panthers' hockey game, went on an airboat ride in the everglades, saw alligators, HELD alligators (not me! lol), went ice skating....and a handful of other things I'm forgetting right now!

I also ran 6 miles last weekend because I'm 75% sure I'm signing up for a half in February! (more on that later!)

So on to Part 2 of my #10Things A to Z series (check out Part 1 here)....

K: Kickboxing!
When we lived in North Miami Beach - pre-kids! - we belonged to a great, local, 1-location gym.  A little rugged but we loved it!  After work and on the weekends I was a free I usually took either a spinning class or a kickboxing class 4-6 times/week!  The kickboxing instructor was awesome! I even bought my own gloves and jump rope.  Really made me feel kick ass and it was an awesome full-body workout!

L: Legos
I may not be a civil engineer [I'm chemical ;)] but I love building things, stacking things, organizing get the picture.  When you have kids it's great because you get to do a lot of fun things from your own childhood.....both of my boys love to build and stack and sort!! I {heart} Legos!

M: Mexican Food
Black beans...white rice....chips....guac....cheese....margaritas....tell me when and I'll be there!!

N: Night Terrors!
Since I was a little girl I've suffered - and so has my family!  Most kids grow out of it before they're 10 I think...but not this lady! {{My poor husband!}} I definitely give us both at least 1 heart attack every night!  What can I say.....I like to keep it interesting! ;)

O: Orange Juice
I very rarely drink OJ.  Maybe if we're out for brunch or something.  But for me there's a very fine line between "oh this perfectly quenched my refreshing" and "I think I'm going to be sick!"  Am I alone or do you agree??

P: Pickles
From afar I always want one, but 1 bite reminds me that I do not like pickles! Not even when I was pregnant. Nope!

Q: Q-tip
I love q-tipping my ears! (super weird, right?) I know it's bad for you, blah, blah, blah! And I don't do it to my kids...but I think it feels so good!

R: Race
I'm competitive and can make ANYTHING a race! And I will! lol  Sometimes I use it to get my kids moving - "Put your shoes and socks on...who can finish first...I'll count to 20...GO!" :)

S: Scared
Of everything...including my shadow! Literally! But I'm trying really hard not to instill this in my kids! I can't WAIT until my kids are old enough to get the bugs in the house!! #NoFear ( <----remember that brand??)

T: Tennis
Tennis was always my sport.  I took a private lesson every Saturday for YEARS! (Many of those days I'd pray for rain because it was so early on Saturday mornings! lol)  I was actually on the Varsity Team in high school for a couple of years.  I don't play at all these days but it's so popular among the moms (and dads actually!) at pre-school....sometimes it makes me want to get back into it!

Tell me something I probably don't know about you!!!
What are you up to tonight???

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My New Year's Resolutions + 2 Brand New Workouts!

Hi everybody!!

I'm sure you're busy getting ready for the big day tomorrow....such an exciting, festive time!  As you now know we don't actually celebrate Christmas but we do always go to the zoo on Christmas Day (since nothing else is open!) so we're all looking forward to that!

So I am not really a fan of New Year's Resolutions.  Don't get me wrong...I'm all about making a goal, setting a plan, taking baby steps and finally reaching that goal....that I think is great! I'm talking about the hype and ridiculousness that surrounds making a goal only because it's going to be January 1st!  I actually wrote this post & this post on it last year!

So I guess I do believe in "resolutions" just not the kind you ONLY made in the New Year! lol

But, I've been thinking, and ironically enough there are a few things that I'm ready to change/commit to right here are my (ugh) 

2015 New Year's Resolutions!

#1 - Transition to a digital calendar!
As I divulged here in "I'm like a grandma", I keep a paper calendar....and it's getting pretty annoying! My husband never knows what's going on and I can't make any plans/appointments unless I'm at home with calendar in hand.  I also keep a hand-written food shopping list!  Also getting annoying since it's usually at home when I'm running into Publix or Walmart so I never know what we need!

Well, I've already started on this one!! I downloaded a great (& free!) app called Cozi where I can make our shopping lists, random notes/lists AND a color-coded calendar that both my hubby & I can access from our phones!! It's totally changing our lives already...I can't believe I waited so long to go digital!

#2 - Run another half marathon!
I'm planning for February or March but haven't registered for anything yet.  I really need the goal of a race to 'force' myself to run those long distances on the weekends so I'm really, really ready to plan my next half! Woo hoo!

#3 - Create (& do!) more at-home workouts!
I was creating TONS of workouts when I first started the blog (check out these Pinterest boards here & here for some really great workouts...most of which were created my moi!) & I really enjoyed it.  I haven't been creating (or doing) many at-home workouts these days but that's all about to change!  I actually created and then did these 2 workouts over the weekend and they were awesome!!

Then today I did my first Bender video in months (this one) & it made me question why I haven't done one in soooo long!! They're fast and furious - the perfect at-home workout!  I was sweating!

Stay tuned for much more on this one!!

#4 - Figure out how I want to use my NASM personal trainer certification!
I'm so happy that the studying is over and the certification is really mine....but I've done nothing with it thus far! I have/had plans to start a boot camp, train clients privately, train clients in a group...but nothing has come to fruition yet! I still want to do all of those things, I really do, but I HAVE to find the time to organize and implement!  

Now that I'm doing so much Social Media Marketing stuff the training is pushed to the back burner a little - but next year I want to figure out how to make it a (profitable!) business....something fun that I can do for myself and my friends!

So tell me....what are some of YOUR 2015 resolutions???

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Monday, December 22, 2014

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me {A to Z Edition, Part 1}

Happy Christmas Week - and DAY 1 of Winter Break!!  

As a kid you always thought the break was too short, "How can we be going back to school already?!!"....yet as a parent you realize it's a tad too long, "2 weeks with the kids out of school...WHAAAT?!?!" lol

I have tried to plan some play dates, fun adventures (like the zoo!), family time and a few "free days" in hopes that the break goes as smoothly (and as fun-ly) as possible! :)

Anyway, for my next #10Things post I'm doing a 3-part "A to Z" series - and today's will be part 1!

Here we go.....

A: Sleep Away Camp
I went for 4 years as a kid and, even though my first summer I was begging to come home (daily!), I ended up having the best time and went back again year after year!! 

B: Blue
My favorite color!

C: Chocoholic 
Love love LOVE it!! Dark, milk, white, with nuts, without nuts, mixed with peanut butter, you name it...I love it!!

D: Disney 
I LOVE Disney World!! We're lucky because we live within driving distance so it makes it an easier trip, especially with the kids.  We go a lot....but I would go every month if we could! :)  Walking into the Magic Kingdom makes me feel like I'm 12 again - it truly is the Happiest Place on Earth!

E: Equality!
I don't care if you're gay or straight, black or white, male or female, rich or poor.....that's all!

F: Fish
I don't eat fish.  Tuna fish salad - yes, sometimes.  Shrimp - I'll eat.  But you'll never see me order or cook fish! Yuck!

G: Golden Retriever
Our first puppy, Skyy, was the best.doggy.ever!

H: Honda Accord
My first car!

I: Italian food [I was going to say Ice Cream but that was too easy! ;)]
Eggplant Parmesan is my world!

J: Jell-o
No me gusta!  I was never a fan - too wiggly and jiggly! (bleehhh!)

Tell me something that I probably didn't know about you.....A to J! ;)

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Online Jewelry Boutique Love & Pieces #LIPlinkup

A picture is worth 1,000 words, right??  So I figured for today's #LIPlinkup with Linda I would fill you in on a new(ish)-to-the-scene, rapidly growing online jewelry boutique that I KNOW you will love!!

So I went to a fabulous Girls Night IN at my friend Jill's house last week!  The amazing online jewelry boutique, Love & Pieces, was there showcasing dozens and dozens of their amazing pieces!

With jewelry from over 15 extraordinary and unique designers from all over the WORLD the diversity is endless - there is definitely something (or a couple of somethings ;)) for everyone....and for everyone on your holiday list this season!  Check out some of the goods!

This is just a sampling of the 100s of products that they have!  And, as if you needed any other reasons to shop at their site, they offer complimentary gift wrapping on EVERY order & FREE domestic shipping on orders over $100!  Aweeesome!

Looking for a little fashion inspiration....check out Love & Pieces on Instagram!

So I want to know....what is your favorite piece of jewelry??

DISCLAIMER: I was not given any compensation for writing this post and I am in no way affiliated with Love & Pieces. I simply went to a party, saw their jewelry, loved it & wanted to share with you!!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014 Recap: My Year in Running {Awards Link-Up!}

Hey guys!

My friend Montana from Pretty Lil Mudder (Hey girl!!) had a great idea to do a post where all of the races that you've run in 2014 get "awards".  There were about 10 categories to choose from but I picked the ones most applicable to my year in racing!  

Check it out...

1.  Most Scenic Course - Fort Lauderdale 13.1 Marathon Series Half Marathon

This is basically the only photo from during the race!  I wore my phone around my upper arm and couldn't strategically take it out - it would've screwed up my headphones and my music! (I'm an amateur....whatever! lol) But this course was very scenic and it was exciting and gorgeous - minus the 30 minutes of rain at the end! ;)  It ended at the beach which was the perfect finale!

2.  Most Challenging Course/Obstacles - Spartan Race Sprint, Citi Field, New York

This was my first (and only, thus far!) Spartan Race and like I said in my recap, it was the PERFECT introduction (course/length/obstacles/no mud!!) to OCRs!  I couldn't do the rope climb but you'd better believe I will be kicking that obstacle's ass on my next Spartan Race!!

3.  Most Unique Medal - Spartan Race Sprint, Citi Field, New York

Photos were "borrowed" from another blog...Thanks Jason!

If you're unfamiliar with Spartan Races, there are 3 levels - Sprint, Super & Beast...they increase in length & intensity!  With each race you get a circular medal AND a piece of a "pie"...finish all 3 levels of races in one year and you've completed your TRIFECTA! And the 3 race medals fit together to form 1 awesome Spartan pie!

4.  Favorite Race Shirt - Spartan Race Sprint, Citi Field, New York

It happens to be very soft cotton and fairly flattering (which never happens with a cotton t-shirt!) but it's more for what it signifies!  In big bold letters it says FINISHER on the back - pretty intense!  You can't buy that FINISHERS must be earned!

5.  Favorite Overall Race - Miami Merrell Down & Dirty Obstacle Race

It was fun & muddy, short (3 miles) and my hubby & I did it together!  The obstacles weren't as hard or challenging as the Spartan and it was just overall a great time!

6.  Best Course Support (aid stations, volunteers, people cheering you on, etc) - 5k Turkey Trot

It is a local race but boy do they have it organized! They've been doing it for over 30 years and it's through a very residential area. A lot of the people that live in the homes that we ran by came out to cheer on the runners! There were tons of police and they were so friendly and encouraging! There was a big water station at each mile marker with plenty of volunteers and water.  And after the race there was music, awards & plenty of drinks & after-race snacks. Recap here.

7.  Race You Are Most Proud of Yourself for Completing - Fort Lauderdale 13.1 Marathon Series Half Marathon

This is pretty self explanatory! My FIRST half marathon! I mean, I really did it! I still can't believe it! Recap here!

Check out the other fab ladies involved in this SUPER fun link-up: 
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Can't wait to see all of their races, pics & awards!! :)

So tell me - which of your 2014 races would win some of these "awards"??

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Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me {"I'm like a Grandma" Edition!}

OMG it's officially mid-December!!! What the heck, people??? Where did 2014 go? 

No lie I was just getting used to it being 2014 and now it's changing again!?  This was definitely the fastest year ever!

So for this week's installment of #10Things I'm filling you in on 10 reasons (there are totally more! lol) why I'm like a grandma!!  Sad but true...

And I'm not talking 'a hip old granny who can hip hop, bee bop, dance til you drop & yo yo make a wicked cup of co-coa!" {<--- name that movie and we're officially new best friends!)

I'm talking the 'boring old lady' kind! Check it out!!

((And if you missed it check out my Holiday & School Daze Editions!))

1. For as long as I can remember I have kept a paper calendar.
***NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION ALERT*** I'm switching to a digital calendar for 2015! (more on that in a future post!) But for the last 12+ years I've kept a desk calendar! With lots of sticky notes & things highlighted (& color coded, obv!).  Want to try to make a date when we bump into each other in Target? Not gonna happen! Text me what dates are good for you & I'll get back to you once I get home and check the bible calendar!  Like an old lady, right?

2. I'm cool with getting into bed at 8pm!
And once I crawl in, even if I tell myself that it's only for a few minutes, I'm done!  It's like a force pinning me down that won't let me get back up...I'm toast!  I turn on the TV & I'll see you all later tomorrow!

3. I love Lifetime & Hallmark Channel movies!
Totally a grandma move - and I know because MY grandma & I discuss, in detail!, the movies that we watch!  How they're still coming out with new movies is beyond me....there are movies on at all hours of the day! It's crazy - but very entertaining!

4. Commercials, TV shows, songs, movies...they all make me cry!
That's all!

5. We eat dinner early...if we're home usually before 5!
By "we" I really mean the kids but even so, there have been times that they've eaten dinner in the 4's!  They're hungry...I'm tired...let's do it! #EarlyBirdSpecial

6. As social and extroverted as I am, I like being home.
In my pajamas, with socks, no makeup, glasses on, hair in a bun!

7. I can't sleep in.
Even when our kids sleep out or we're on vacation, we're always up early.  In my "adult" life I don't think I've ever slept past 8am.  The early bird gets the worm.....I guess! lol

8. I don't eat raw sushi.
California roll, Boston roll or Shrimp Tempura roll...super boring = super grandparent-like!

9. Until I started this blog I wasn't on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest!
And I really knew nothing about any of them! Thankfully after starting Peace, Love & Ice Cream and joining all of these social media networks I learned EVERYTHING that I ever wanted to know......and became a WAHM!!  I started doing Social Media Marketing work through a great boutique marketing firm & then even started my own SMM business with my OWN clients - and I love it!!

10. I've been dating my husband since I was 16!
That's pretty old school, right?  He was basically my only real boyfriend!  Imagine all those guys that missed out... ;)

So tell me.....Are you like grandma/pa???

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