Monday, December 1, 2014

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me! {{Holiday Edition}}

It's DECEMBER!!!! So crazy, right?  

There is a lot that I want to organize/figure out/decide - personally, professionally & blogger-ally - before the new year begins so this month will be busy! (I know that sounds very inconspicuous and sketchy but obviously you'll be filled in on everything once I actually figure it all out! lol)

Since we're just coming off of Thanksgiving and we're already in full-on holiday season mode I wanted to do another Things You Didn't Know About Me post.....I love doing these and I hope you like reading them! :)

1. I don't like turkey! 

I would much rather eat chicken, which is what I chose to have for Thanksgiving dinner - we went out so it was perfect!  I like ground turkey breast, like I use in my go-to recipe (pics in that post have gone rogue...sorry!), but off the bone is just not my style.

2. We don't celebrate Christmas.  I know even I'm surprised while I type that!  I know what you're have a Christmas Tree...what do you mean you don't celebrate Christmas?  
SPOILER ALERT: We're Jewish!! :)  

This year we have a 4 ft "Hanukkah Bush" - that looks a lot like a white Christmas tree with (mostly) blue ornaments!  We do have personalized stockings and Santa does bring the kids a little something under the tree and in their stockings at Christmas.....but it's all in good fun and in the holiday spirit.  We don't teach the kids about JC in-terms of the holiday and we just find it festive & fun, nothing more nothing less. That's all!

We (obviously!) also have a menorah and we light it during Hanukkah.  The kids know all about that holiday and why it's important that we celebrate it (and not just because they get 8 days of presents!!)

3. We drive around looking for Christmas lights almost every night.  It started over the weekend because some of our neighbors put up their lights so for the next 4 weeks or so it's on!  We drive through other neighborhoods puts all 4 of us in such a great mood!!

4. I love the "chilly" weather we've been having on and off.  I would hardly call it winter, but whatever it is I'll take it.  It's been in the 50's overnight and into the early morning on a few days and it made for a gorgeous morning run!  I hope it continues because I'm sick of the temperature being into the 80's in's ridic! (#sorrynotsorry)

5. I've been topping my morning coffee with Reddi Wip.  

OK, to be honest I didn't today but I've been doing it for the last week or so and for some reason it makes me feel like it's really the holidays... And it's delish!

6. We probably won't have any adult-only NYE plans until approx 2028....& I'm OK with that!  It's hard to find a sitter on NYE (most have a life, right?) so it's with-the-kids for the next few dozen years or so!  We're cool with it though because going out on NYE is totally overrated, and overpriced! :)

7. I set up shop in Starbucks at least 3x a week....and I've only had 1 red holiday cup so far this season!  

I find it hard to do my work at home - the TV always ends up on and then I'm folding laundry, making doctor appointments and emptying the not doing work!  Since I don't need total silence I hang at Starbucks!  It's perfect.  And 2 out of 3 days I resist even getting something to drink - winning!

8. We want to put up Christmas lights, but see #2 above. So festive & fun but (I guess) we have to draw the line somewhere! #MyKidsAreSoConfused #WeLoveSanta ;)

9. I love when holidays fall on the weekends. Like Halloween this year (Friday afternoon/evening counts!)! Just makes it so much more fun! Too bad Christmas & NYE are weekdays this year - not cool!

10. All of the presents on my list are basically running-related! New running sneakers (got 2 pairs on Black Friday!), a fuel belt (ordering from Dick's today for #CyberMonday!) & some new QALO rings because you can never have too many, obv! (did you see the awesome new Outdoors collection? So fun!) Remember to use coupon code "sammy15" because everything is more attractive when it's on sale!

So like I said I have to organize my life (more details to follow) & I'm really considering another half marathon in early 2015 - late January/early February maybe.... Then there's the Spartan in (hopefully) March, April or May.  They haven't released some of the dates/locations yet....COME ON SPARTAN!!! MAMA HAS SOME PLANNING TO DO! :)

What's new with you guys???

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