Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me {"I'm like a Grandma" Edition!}

OMG it's officially mid-December!!! What the heck, people??? Where did 2014 go? 

No lie I was just getting used to it being 2014 and now it's changing again!?  This was definitely the fastest year ever!

So for this week's installment of #10Things I'm filling you in on 10 reasons (there are totally more! lol) why I'm like a grandma!!  Sad but true...

And I'm not talking 'a hip old granny who can hip hop, bee bop, dance til you drop & yo yo make a wicked cup of co-coa!" {<--- name that movie and we're officially new best friends!)

I'm talking the 'boring old lady' kind! Check it out!!

((And if you missed it check out my Holiday & School Daze Editions!))

1. For as long as I can remember I have kept a paper calendar.
***NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION ALERT*** I'm switching to a digital calendar for 2015! (more on that in a future post!) But for the last 12+ years I've kept a desk calendar! With lots of sticky notes & things highlighted (& color coded, obv!).  Want to try to make a date when we bump into each other in Target? Not gonna happen! Text me what dates are good for you & I'll get back to you once I get home and check the bible calendar!  Like an old lady, right?

2. I'm cool with getting into bed at 8pm!
And once I crawl in, even if I tell myself that it's only for a few minutes, I'm done!  It's like a force pinning me down that won't let me get back up...I'm toast!  I turn on the TV & I'll see you all later tomorrow!

3. I love Lifetime & Hallmark Channel movies!
Totally a grandma move - and I know because MY grandma & I discuss, in detail!, the movies that we watch!  How they're still coming out with new movies is beyond me....there are movies on at all hours of the day! It's crazy - but very entertaining!

4. Commercials, TV shows, songs, movies...they all make me cry!
That's all!

5. We eat dinner early...if we're home usually before 5!
By "we" I really mean the kids but even so, there have been times that they've eaten dinner in the 4's!  They're hungry...I'm tired...let's do it! #EarlyBirdSpecial

6. As social and extroverted as I am, I like being home.
In my pajamas, with socks, no makeup, glasses on, hair in a bun!

7. I can't sleep in.
Even when our kids sleep out or we're on vacation, we're always up early.  In my "adult" life I don't think I've ever slept past 8am.  The early bird gets the worm.....I guess! lol

8. I don't eat raw sushi.
California roll, Boston roll or Shrimp Tempura roll...super boring = super grandparent-like!

9. Until I started this blog I wasn't on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest!
And I really knew nothing about any of them! Thankfully after starting Peace, Love & Ice Cream and joining all of these social media networks I learned EVERYTHING that I ever wanted to know......and became a WAHM!!  I started doing Social Media Marketing work through a great boutique marketing firm & then even started my own SMM business with my OWN clients - and I love it!!

10. I've been dating my husband since I was 16!
That's pretty old school, right?  He was basically my only real boyfriend!  Imagine all those guys that missed out... ;)

So tell me.....Are you like grandma/pa???

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