Monday, December 8, 2014

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me! {{School Daze Edition}}

**New Series Alert**

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend was busy with a little some running, 2 birthday parties and a soccer game.  Now I'm ready for everything to settle down as we get back into the weekday swing! (which is usually as busy as the weekends but in a different way!)

So last week's 10 Things You Didn't Know About Me: Holiday Edition was such a hit I figured I'd continue on with this series.... Not sure how often I'll post them, but I'll try to be somewhat consistent! 

This week I bring you....

1. Math is my favorite subject!  I've spoken about this before but it's worth mentioning again! I took AP Calculus in high school & then took Calc 1, 2, 3, 4 and then Differential Equations (like Calc 5) in college!  It was always my favorite class to go to! <--- huge dork alert

2. Speaking of math, I was in the Math Honor Society in high school. (And the National Honor Society for that matter!)  We met once a month or so and competed as teams answering math questions....I'm typing that and LOLing!  Math competitions.....apparently I was a party animal! ;)

3. I got a full scholarship to college!  I got a 100% tuition paid for by the Florida Bright Futures program - awesome!!  The criteria to get either 75% or 100% tuition covered wasn't too too hard so a lot if not most of my friends were on one of those scholarships too.  At the time the state university wasn't terribly expensive but to get a "free ride" was pretty cool. Note: this did not include books, living, eating, playing, being clothed, etc, etc....THANKS Mom & Dad! :)

4. I was in a sorority!  I may have never learned the secret handshake or lived in the house...but I was a (paying!) sorority sister! We went to some really fun date functions, had a lot of bonding time and I met some amazing friends that I will have forever.

5. I majored in Chemical Engineering in college. Yea...I know....whaaaat?! Then after graduation I worked at a pharmaceutical company that develops and manufactures transdermal patches (think a smoking cessation or hormone replacement therapy patch)....

I got to travel to go to conferences, I worked in the R&D lab developing new formulations to deliver drugs via a patch (instead of a pill or injection)......and then I WAS ISSUED A PATENT!! Yep, I'm a co-author on a real, issued, genuine US patent!! Woo Hoo!!

6. I thought Physics was REALLY hard!  I took a lot of random, hard, complicated classes in college (see #5 above! lol), but the 2 Physics classes that I took my Freshman year were very confusing - and annoying - to me! Plus it was the first class of the day on a FRIDAY morning - not cool!

7. I finished a 5 year Bachelor of Science degree in 4 years.  I stayed every summer (the thought of leaving my husband boyfriend at the time killed me!).  So it was a win-win....we got to spend the summers together AND I took classes/credits to finish my degree in the "normal" 4 years!

8. I'm an obsessive note taker and highlight-er.  Even my scribbled notes for work or my workouts or my hand-written calendar are color-coded! #TrueStatement

9. My husband and I always went to the same school....since KINDERGARTEN!  We started dating at the beginning of 11th grade...but technically we've "known" each other much longer! :)

10. I've lost my mojo! Studying for (and passing!) my NASM personal trainer certification exam made me realize that I am way too anal, too old and too busy to be studying for anything now!  Props to all of you that go back to school.....I don't know how you do it!

Tell me, what is something that I probably don't know about
Have a great day!

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