Friday, December 5, 2014

All I Want for Christmas....are PRACTICAL gifts!! {a mother's wish list}

Dear Santa,

In addition to the health & happiness of my family and friends, which is ALWAYS #1, this year I'm asking for practical gifts....things that I REALLY need!!  As a wife & now work-at-home mother I am busy - as we all are! 

Santa - Feel free to use your discretion and throw in a new watch or diamond earrings, duh, but this is my super practical wish list for this year!

  • An iron-er!
    • Yes people, some things need to be ironed - or so my mom always said!  I have such good intentions: I do laundry, I make a pile of the things that need to be ironed, I put it off for a load or 2....then the pile grows and grows and I end up with a super intimidating overflowing basket of clothes that are getting more and more wrinkled by the minute.  Then it becomes easier to just ignore it! lol
  • A chauffeur!
    • I am constantly in the car...driving to and from school, running errands, going to practices, going to dinner, there's always somewhere to be! Which means that I lose that time...but if I had someone driving FOR me - I could sit and either blog, work, peruse Facebook, ya know....important things like that! ;)
  • An extra hand...or 2 actually!
    • I constantly need an extra hand - and I know I'm not alone!! It would be SUPER helpful!!!
  • Calorie-free Reese's peanut butter cups.
    • They are my favorite sinful snack! Chocolate + peanut butter = heaven! But they are super high in calories and fat....and you can't stop at just one....because they are SO yum!
  • A night with Andy Cohen.  
    • NOT sexually! (hello, he's gay...and I'm married!) But he's adorable and funny and seems like he would be SO much fun! And I'd get the scoop on all of my favorite and not so favorite housewives! I {heart} BRAVO!
  • Worldwide wi-fi.
    • I know, this one can actually be done!  But it would be super convenient if I could have wi-fi anytime, anywhere - for free! :)
So I want to know.....what is something on your practical wish list??

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