Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Oh the weather outside is frightful....but an at-home workout (or 7!) would be so delightful!

"I said, Brrrrr....it's cold out there....there must be a Juno in the atmosphere!"  <---- How do you like that Bring it On reference?? ;)

Annnnnnyway, so you know I'm nowhere near the freezing temps (#SorryImNotSorry lol), but I feel for you guys up North!  

Unless I'm running, I do ALL of my workouts at home!  But when you're used to running outside or working out at the gym and you literally can't do that, you need an alternative!

But I don't have any room at home!! NO PROBLEM!

But I don't have any equipment at home!! NO PROBLEM!

But I don't have a lot of time at home!! NO PROBLEM!

I have hand-picked 7 workouts (developed by me!) that you can do AT HOME, WITH NO EQUIPMENT & VERY LITTLE TIME AND SPACE!  Choose 2 workouts and mix & match! :)

Check 'em out:

What are you doing to stay active & on-track when you can't work out outside or at the gym??

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Spartan Giveaway Winner & I'm an EXPERT!

Let's just get right into it because I KNOW that's why most of you are popping in today! :)

Thank you to everyone that entered the Spartan Race entry giveaway! I love you all for being such active followers!  I really only do reviews/giveaways for things that I use or love and/or things that I know YOU will use and love!

So, the winner of the FREE entry to ANY Spartan Race in the continental U.S. is..............

Amanda D.!!!!

Congrats Amanda - I will email you directly to give you your unique discount code!! :)  

And, to everyone that didn't win, I know...it's a bummer! But use this Spartan Race coupon code to save 10% off of your next race! #AROO

I heard a rumor that the Miami Super will be in the latter part of 2015 (when I assumed it would be in March or April, since that's when it was last year!) so I'm planning accordingly! Down & Dirty in May...here I come!

Btw, did you see my post from earlier in the week?? I debunk some training myths that we've all heard (and sometimes believed!)!  Check it out!

So, switching pages here......you all know that I'm a NASM-certified personal trainer, right?? Well I have officially been quoted, as an EXPERT, in the February edition of MAX Sports & Nutrition Magazine!  So exciting!!

The digital copy is available now but the print copy won't be out for a few weeks.  Either way, here it is....

I submitted a whole email's worth of tips and 1 was chosen.  It wasn't necessarily my favorite tip, but a quote is a quote....and I'll take it!  The whole article is actually really great - you can check it out, along with the rest of the magazine, here!  Thanks Karen for reaching out & using my tip!! :)

So, I was born in the mid- early-80's and there is news that broke this week that had me squealing with excitement!!! 

I'm setting my alarm as we speak to buy tix tomorrow am!! I am there - I am SO there!!

Hope you're all having a good week!! The weekend's so close I can almost smell it......

Have you ever been published in a magazine or book - as an author or expert??

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

5 Training Myths...DEBUNKED!

Hey all!! Before I begin....did you enter my Spartan Race giveaway yet? 

Entries are low so you have a good chance of winning (and the entry could be worth up to $160!!) Find a race near you here and ENTER NOW! :)  Remember, the rafflecopter closes tomorrow, Wednesday 1/21, at midnight EST!

Anyway......so now that I'm a half-marathoner I've run ONE half marathon, I realize how many people are doing races! Marathons, half marathons, 5ks, 10ks, triathalons, obstacle course races, bike races....you name it, they race it!  

Which means that all of these racers are, at some point, training....sometimes for months and months.....for their race(s)!

While training for my upcoming half, which is in 4 very short weeks!, I started going over all of the "training myths" that you believe BEFORE you actually start training for a race!  You think everything will be roses & butterflies - but is it??

Check out these 5 Training Myths...DEBUNKED!

1. You'll lose weight!
9 times out of 10 this is NOT TRUE! You're consuming more food (as you should be!) because your body needs it to function! You may even GAIN some weight, sometimes in the form of muscle, sometimes not. lol But don't train for a half as a weight loss method! Don't get me wrong...it's a great workout, but it is also stressful on your body!  On your long runs you could be burning over 1,000+ calories! But you need to replenish those calories with healthy, clean-eating, nutrient-filled foods! 

2. Your runs will just get easier and easier!
File this one under definitely not always true!  Some training runs are great - you feel energized and confident - "yea biotch I just ran 8 miles!"  But sometimes a run is horrible, like you feel like you've never run before, where 3 miles feel like 12 miles, but you have to learn to just block those crappy runs out! (Outliers, tell yourself they're just outliers!!)

3. You will feel SO ready on race day!
Diarrhea, anyone? (TMI?!?) Races are usually VERY early in the morning and your nerves/excitement are on super high - you know you've trained, you know you can do it, but ugh do you even want to? lol OF COURSE you do!! But I still have that slightly un-confident feeling at the beginning of a race! No matter the distance or how hard I've trained. That START line is intimidating!! 

4. Once you cross the finish line you'll be DEAD!
Don't get me wrong....After 13.1 miles I was tired, exhausted, fatigued....but I didn't feel as if I was completely paralyzed - which is what I expected to feel.  I didn't WANT to run any further, but I didn't feel like I COULDN'T.  Does that make sense?

5. Once the item is crossed off your bucket list you'll be DONE!
I literally said this before my first half marathon in November! "This is a one-time thing! I just want to DO it so it's DONE!"  Flash forward 2 months and hi...I'm training for another half!  It's exhilarating and exciting and gives me a purpose/reason to run more than 3 miles!

So tell me....what is a Training Myth that you want to DEBUNK for us???
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Spartan Race Updates & News...& GIVEAWAY!!

Howdy....or should I say....AROO!!!

I am here with the latest in all things Spartan!  And....spoiler alert.....THERE'S AN AWESOME SURPRISE GIVEAWAY AT THE END OF THE POST!! :)

So as you know I am a Spartan Chick through & through! I've always been sort of a girly tomboy so OCRing was the perfect marriage of fitness, strength & awesomeness for me! 

After I finished the Citi Field Spartan Sprint last year (see the recap here!) I couldn't wait to sign up for my next one!  {{Flash forward almost a year later & Spartan STILL doesn't have a date up for the Miami Super...you guys are killing me! :/ }}

Anyway, I was contacted by my friends over at Spartan Race and they had some fun stuff for me to share with you guys! And, for being such awesome, athletic, fierce followers, he gave me A FREE RACE REGISTRATION to give away!!!!! 

So first thing's first, the World Championship Spartan Race is being moved to a new city for 2015 - it will no longer be in Killington, VT.....it will be in Lake Tahoe, California!!  Sounds fun/scary/awesome, right??

This year's Spartan Season Pass has been released and, if you're planning to run multiple Spartan Races in a year's time (I mean, hello.....Trifecta, anyone?!), it's totally worth it!  This year they've added a ton of great perks! Basically you can run any race, anywhere, any time! (but there is fine print so click the link for all of the deets!)

Remember that post I did a few months back about the first ever Spartan Cruise?? Well it's right around the corner! And cabins are filling up fast! It will be epic....that I can tell you! You can find out more details here! AND, CHECK THIS OUT, ENTER COUPON CODE "Cruise50" TO SAVE 50% OFF YOUR CRUISE!!!!! {{omg}}

And finally, Joe Desena’s “Spartan UP!” the podcast is available here.....totally worth the listen!! Motivation, inspiration & information - check it out!  You can also check out an awesome launch contest here where you can enter to win TONS of prizes!!

So, now it's time for the GOOD STUFF!!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway ends at midnight (EST) on Wednesday, January 21, 2015!

And, as always on my blog, you can SAVE 10% ON ANY RACE NOW by using code SPARTANBLOGGER!

GOOD LUCK everyone! :)

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Monday, January 12, 2015

The Holiday Season: What I've Learned for Next Year!

Hi friends!!

So today I bring you a post about the holidays, or post-holidays, really. 

Looking back on the last couple of months, there are some things that I realized...that I did right....or that I did wrong....but, either way, I think I now have a better grasp for my plans & planning for the 2015 holidays (not that I'm not rushing the year because I am NOT....it goes fast enough as it is!!).

So here's what I've learned for next year.....

1. Shop throughout the year!
You have a trunk, attic, basement, top shelf in the closet for a reason....stock up people! I was at Target the other day and all of their holiday stuff (well, whatever was left) was 70% off...or more!! 

Take advantage of sales like that early in the year! This also applies to gifts, especially for the kids! Toy stores, Target, Walmart...they all have random sales throughout the year!  Plan ahead, purchase and store those gifts away until December!!

2. Shop online (with coupons, of course!)!
Convenient, easy and the packages are delivered straight to your door! Also, WHENEVER YOU BUY SOMETHING ONLINE, always Google: "Store name" "coupon code"! You will almost always find a coupon or discount code to use! Winning!!

3. Be realistic & age appropriate with your gifts!
I know you're so excited to buy your little one that battery-operated Jeep that zooms SUPER fast (2 mph!) around the neighborhood....but if he's only 6 months old you're a bit premature! Be realistic with your gifts - the big gifts for big kids can wait until they're just that...big kids!  And a little goes a long way with the little ones! {Sometimes a wrapped-up box is all they need!}

4. Go see Santa early because, after the 25th, he's gone!
We talked about going to see Santa since before Thanksgiving....and do you know when we actually got there?? DECEMBER 24th!! Makes total sense but I always forget that, after Christmas, Santa's back at the North Pole! Duh! lol

5. Savor the holidays because, before you know it, they'll be over!
Exhibit A...it's mid-January! Whaaaat?? Write a list of all of the fun, family activities that you want to do with your loved ones during the "season" and put them on the calendar! Schedule them! We did that this year and it was awesome!!! We were organized and everything got checked off of our to-do list!

So tell me something you learned for next year!!!

Ohh, one more thing.....I'm in the middle of a very exciting post that will hopefully publish on Wednesday! All I can say is you SPARTANS better get ready!! :)

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

7 Tips for Navigating Zoo Miami (aka the Metro Zoo) with your family!

As I had posted, we went to the Zoo on Christmas Day - it's a family tradition that we've had for the last 7 years or so! And we look forward to going every year! PS - they're open 365 days/year!!

This year was a little different than normal though....we didn't have any "babies" with us. Everyone's potty trained, eating real food, didn't need a bottle, could talk and walk and complain (lol) and didn't need to get home for a nap - although my little guy did fall asleep on the way home!

Since we've been doing this for years we've really mastered our way around - so I was thinking - I should share my tips & tricks with all of you...duh!!  And, while these helpful tips are specific to Zoo Miami (aka the Metro Zoo), they are applicable to any of the zoos that you have in your neck of the woods!!

Tip #1 Rent the Safari Cycle. 
This was the first year that we rented the "family bike" & IT.WAS.AWESOME! You can navigate around SO much easier....and it was definitely a workout!! You can also rent a stroller and/or a wheelchair if you need to!

Tip #2 Bring snacks and water.
There are a few great little "restaurants" to choose from at at Zoo Miami, but you should always carry stuff with you! (All the moms are nodding their heads right now!) Snacks for the kids / a little pick-me-up for the adults. And water!!! Always have water.

Check out the horror on my face - it felt like I was jumping 10 feet in the air! lol

Tip #3 Bring antibacterial hand sanitizer! 
You don't necessarily touch the animals (unless you're petting or feeding them), but it's just dirty there! Especially for the kids....touching everything (EVERYTHING!) and then putting their fingers in their mouth or touching their eyes (YUCK!)

Tip #4 Prepare for a long, hot day.  

Extra water, a backpack to carry everything so your hands are free and UTILIZE THE MAP!! :)

Tip #5 Go early. 
The zoo is big and the parking lot is even bigger! Your best bet is to come early, get in first and beat the crowds!  You'll beat the heat, too!

Tip #6 Order tickets online & skip the line.  
And while you're there....check for discounts that you or your family can qualify for - AAA, military, government employee, etc.

Tip #7 Feed the giraffes! 

It's amazing to be so close to such a huge animal! It's as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids!! This can't be missed!

Have any tips to add??
Have you been to the zoo lately with your family??

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