Tuesday, January 20, 2015

5 Training Myths...DEBUNKED!

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Anyway......so now that I'm a half-marathoner I've run ONE half marathon, I realize how many people are doing races! Marathons, half marathons, 5ks, 10ks, triathalons, obstacle course races, bike races....you name it, they race it!  

Which means that all of these racers are, at some point, training....sometimes for months and months.....for their race(s)!

While training for my upcoming half, which is in 4 very short weeks!, I started going over all of the "training myths" that you believe BEFORE you actually start training for a race!  You think everything will be roses & butterflies - but is it??

Check out these 5 Training Myths...DEBUNKED!

1. You'll lose weight!
9 times out of 10 this is NOT TRUE! You're consuming more food (as you should be!) because your body needs it to function! You may even GAIN some weight, sometimes in the form of muscle, sometimes not. lol But don't train for a half as a weight loss method! Don't get me wrong...it's a great workout, but it is also stressful on your body!  On your long runs you could be burning over 1,000+ calories! But you need to replenish those calories with healthy, clean-eating, nutrient-filled foods! 

2. Your runs will just get easier and easier!
File this one under definitely not always true!  Some training runs are great - you feel energized and confident - "yea biotch I just ran 8 miles!"  But sometimes a run is horrible, like you feel like you've never run before, where 3 miles feel like 12 miles, but you have to learn to just block those crappy runs out! (Outliers, tell yourself they're just outliers!!)

3. You will feel SO ready on race day!
Diarrhea, anyone? (TMI?!?) Races are usually VERY early in the morning and your nerves/excitement are on super high - you know you've trained, you know you can do it, but ugh do you even want to? lol OF COURSE you do!! But I still have that slightly un-confident feeling at the beginning of a race! No matter the distance or how hard I've trained. That START line is intimidating!! 

4. Once you cross the finish line you'll be DEAD!
Don't get me wrong....After 13.1 miles I was tired, exhausted, fatigued....but I didn't feel as if I was completely paralyzed - which is what I expected to feel.  I didn't WANT to run any further, but I didn't feel like I COULDN'T.  Does that make sense?

5. Once the item is crossed off your bucket list you'll be DONE!
I literally said this before my first half marathon in November! "This is a one-time thing! I just want to DO it so it's DONE!"  Flash forward 2 months and hi...I'm training for another half!  It's exhilarating and exciting and gives me a purpose/reason to run more than 3 miles!

So tell me....what is a Training Myth that you want to DEBUNK for us???
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