Thursday, January 8, 2015

7 Tips for Navigating Zoo Miami (aka the Metro Zoo) with your family!

As I had posted, we went to the Zoo on Christmas Day - it's a family tradition that we've had for the last 7 years or so! And we look forward to going every year! PS - they're open 365 days/year!!

This year was a little different than normal though....we didn't have any "babies" with us. Everyone's potty trained, eating real food, didn't need a bottle, could talk and walk and complain (lol) and didn't need to get home for a nap - although my little guy did fall asleep on the way home!

Since we've been doing this for years we've really mastered our way around - so I was thinking - I should share my tips & tricks with all of you...duh!!  And, while these helpful tips are specific to Zoo Miami (aka the Metro Zoo), they are applicable to any of the zoos that you have in your neck of the woods!!

Tip #1 Rent the Safari Cycle. 
This was the first year that we rented the "family bike" & IT.WAS.AWESOME! You can navigate around SO much easier....and it was definitely a workout!! You can also rent a stroller and/or a wheelchair if you need to!

Tip #2 Bring snacks and water.
There are a few great little "restaurants" to choose from at at Zoo Miami, but you should always carry stuff with you! (All the moms are nodding their heads right now!) Snacks for the kids / a little pick-me-up for the adults. And water!!! Always have water.

Check out the horror on my face - it felt like I was jumping 10 feet in the air! lol

Tip #3 Bring antibacterial hand sanitizer! 
You don't necessarily touch the animals (unless you're petting or feeding them), but it's just dirty there! Especially for the kids....touching everything (EVERYTHING!) and then putting their fingers in their mouth or touching their eyes (YUCK!)

Tip #4 Prepare for a long, hot day.  

Extra water, a backpack to carry everything so your hands are free and UTILIZE THE MAP!! :)

Tip #5 Go early. 
The zoo is big and the parking lot is even bigger! Your best bet is to come early, get in first and beat the crowds!  You'll beat the heat, too!

Tip #6 Order tickets online & skip the line.  
And while you're there....check for discounts that you or your family can qualify for - AAA, military, government employee, etc.

Tip #7 Feed the giraffes! 

It's amazing to be so close to such a huge animal! It's as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids!! This can't be missed!

Have any tips to add??
Have you been to the zoo lately with your family??

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